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32-12-1Were stepping back in time at the North-South Skirmish Association's National Skirmish, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in period correct competition, with Muskets, Mortars and Cannons!

Turn back the clock to the 1860’s to a time when Americans fought each other, taking up arms on the field of battle to fight The Civil War. Now turn the clock forward to modern times, when North and South are still squaring off, but this time on the field of competition. It’s for sport, for fun, and for the preservation of an important part of our nation’s heritage. 

32-12-3A Skirmish is not a re-enactment. It is a shooting match with powder and ball. It’s national competition at the historic ranges of the North-South Skirmish Association. Members from across the country come to compete at Fort Shenandoah outside Winchester, Virginia.

A North-South Skirmish is competition as a team with rifles, muskets, carbines and cap and ball revolvers. Any firearm that saw action in the Civil War has a place on the firing line, either cherished originals, or authentic reproductions. Teams of shooters break targets set at 25, 50 and 100 yards, racing to clear all their targets in the shortest time.

32-12-2The sights and sounds of a North-South skirmish are as close as you can get to the authentic experience of the sights and sounds of the Civil War.  So authentic that Hollywood has recorded the sound of a thousand muskets in competition to become the sound track in movies.

N-SSA Website


Tennessee 4-H Youth Trap
It has been said time and again, youngsters are the future of the shooting sports. We know it and the shooting industry knows it. And that’s the reason Beretta has been supporting SCTP and 4H shooting teams for years, helping get youngsters started on what could be a life-time of competition. John Scoutten reports the story of a new team getting some help from Beretta to start the youngsters out right at the Tennessee Clay Target Complex in Nashville.

National 4-H Shooting Sports Website

The Beretta A400 Xcel


The Army Marksmanship Junior Shooters’ Clinic
The USAMU Action Shooting Team takes on a new assignment, training junior shooters. They shoot in national and world competitions. They're shooting ambassadors for America. But the Army Marksmanship Action Shooting Unit at Fort Benning also has an interest in the future—teaching youngsters showing talent in the sport at their annual Juniors Clinic.


32-12-8Picture this: You're a junior shooter, 11 or 12 years old, and your teacher is one of the very best marksmen in the world. It's not a dream.  It's the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit's Junior Shooters Clinic, hosted by the AMU’s Action Shooting Team when the parents are nicely asked to get out of the way, to let the Professionals teach.

Then Meet the Instructors to find what teaching youngsters means to them.

USAMU Action Shooting Team 

Bushnell AR Optics Line
These are the new red dot sights from Bushnell in the AR Optics line.




The First Strike Reflex/HiRes Is the compact, lightweight, choice as a close quarters option for your sporting rifle Priced at $230.








The TRS-25 is $170, The TRS- 32 is $220 Suggested Retail.  All are affordable red-dot sighting options for your Modern Sporting Rifle.

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Wade Bourne – Decoying with the Jerk String

32-12-5aWhen you're duck hunting, it's really important to have motion in your decoys especially in a calm wind day like this. Those decoys are locked dead still. Ducks aren't going to come. So you've got to impart some motion.

Some hunters use wobblers, some use swimmers, but I like to use an old fashion jerk string. It's simple to make, it's inexpensive, and I'm going to show you how I do this.

I'm going to start with just a post. I attach a bungee cord to the post like so. I'm going to drive this post down take the bungee cord underwater. I'm going to run a string back to the blind and then I'm going to attach my decoys to that string and then I'll show you how that's going to work.

32-12-6Now then I've run my string from my post all the way across the hole to the blind, and I've tied little overhand loops like this and I've got snap swivels on the bottom of my decoys. I'm just going to snap that decoy into that loop, put it on the water, and when I pull on the cord that decoys going to swim and move like so.

Then I am going to put two or three more on the line as we go back to the blind. And that’s it. It's really a very simple system.

32-12-7aWhen I'm actually hunting, I'll have this top pulled back over my head and I watch up through the blind. When I see ducks coming, I'll give the string a pull and I'll make those decoys dance, put some ripples on the water. When they're right over head and getting a good close look I don't pull it, because it's really not a very natural movement, but when they go by, I pull it hard a time or two, make those ripples, let them circle around and they can see movement on the water. It's a real convincer. Sometimes this is a better duck caller than an actual duck call.


Pro Tip – Jerry on Presenting to the Target

32-12-13-500There are many elements to improving your scores in handgun competition. Presentation the gun to the target is a big part of that and Jerry Miculek helps you break it down in this Pro Tip.









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