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It’s a rare visit inside the largest Hollywood prop house at ISS Weapons. John Scoutten takes us behind the screens to show you the guns from movies like the Avengers, Lethal Weapon, Terminator 3, Avatar, and more.



32-13-2A movie prop can be anything an actor or an actress touches on camera. It can be anything from pizza, to fake money, or the prop ISS Weapons is best known for - guns. ISS Weapons has over 15,000 firearms, making them the largest motion picture armory. They stock everything from flintlocks to sci-fi-looking battle rifles. That makes this prop house a dreamland for anyone who loves movie guns.


32-13-6It’s no small task for ISS Weapons to create a prop gun. Converting a semi-auto rifle or pistol to shoot blanks destroys the gun’s ability to shoot normal rounds. ISS Weapons doesn’t only modify firearms, they also create futuristic firearms. However, when a gun is too valuable or too difficult to replace, a replica is created. And that’s how detailed ISS Weapons has to be for directors who want realistic firearms for their features.

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History’s Guns - The Nock Volley


Firearms historian Garry James calls this seven-barreled British Naval rifle’s recoil “so horrendous nobody wanted to even come near the darned thing.” “It was absolutely punishing.”





Despite the shoulder punishing kick, the Nock Volley was produced for a quarter-of-a-century and is now one of History’s Guns.






In 2010, BLACKHAWK! Manufacturing was operating out of a cramped 17,000 square foot building outside Bozeman, Montana.





32-13-8After three years of growing demand for the company’s best-selling Serpa holster, BLACKHAWK! is now in a new state-of-the-art injection molding facility. Jim goes behind the screens of this firearms industry success story.

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The Les Baer Custom Stinger

32-13-17The Shooting USA 1911 pistol is hand crafted by the gun makers at Les Baer Custom as one of many versions of the 1911 Les offers in .45 ACP. But you might be surprised to hear .45 ACP is not Les’s personal choice for concealed carry. His carry gun is the Stinger chambered in .38 Super.

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The M&P15 VTAC

32-13-20This 3-Gun ready rifle is built on a tried and true M&P15 action. It comes with the Viking Tactics 13-inch, smooth forend, the VLTOR IMOD adjustable stock, a 16-inch barrel with five grooves of 1 in 8 twist rifling, and a Geissele Super V trigger. The updated M&P15 VTACII will run you just over $1,900.

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Apex Tactical Specialties ESA

32-13-22The ESA stands for Enhanced Stabilization Attachment. It’s a streamlined three chamber comp that really works nicely. The ESA sells for just under $60.

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New Bushnell AR Optics Red Dots

32-13-21All the new Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x, 3-9x, 3-12x, and the 4.5-18x scopes are designed specifically for the Modern Sporting Rifle.  Each has quarter MOA click adjustment, side parallax focus, and the new Drop Zone-223 Ballistic Reticle. The 3-9x and the 3-12x comes in right around $275. The 4.5-18x is a little over $300 and that 1-4x with the throw lever comes in just over $400. And all models are covered by the Bushnell lifetime guarantee.

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Pro Tip – Todd Jarrett on Effective Transitioning

32-13-19Efficiency in your course of fire movements will win the day, when you’re racing against the clock, or defending against a threat. Todd Jarrett has two techniques that will save time when transitioning between targets with both pistol and rifle.










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