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End of Trail 2013

32-15-2It’s the annual gathering of the Single Action Shooting Society for good times in the Old West tradition, where dressing up is as important as the guns. Single action pistol, lever action rifle, and shotgun are all in the game at End of Trail. Plus, can Cowboy Action Shooting attract today’s video game youth?  We’ll find out with the saga of Gunslinger Jesse, matching a 14 year old with one of the original founders of SASS.

32-15-6For more than three decades, the fantasy of competing with Old West firearms has drawn hundreds of shooters to the Single Action Shooting Society’s, or SASS’s, World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, or as it’s called End of Trail. Competitors not only use Wild West-style firearms, but they must wear traditional western clothing and accessories. Another attraction that sets this fantasy shooting sport apart from other shooting competitions, is nobody knows your real name. Everyone uses an alias they created.

32-15-1End of Trail isn’t only about reliving the Old West. Hundreds attend in hopes of being crowned the World Champion of Cowboy Action Shooting. We’re covering the shooters in their quest to master 12 difficult stages, in the fastest time possible. The competition at End of Trail is fierce, so winning the championship isn’t easy. If a shooter can keep their time and extra shots to a minimum, they could become the next world champion.

32-15-5In recent years, the love of the Wild West on the big screen has faded with some questioning the future of Single Action Shooting. Can Old West-themed shooting attract today’s tech-savvy youth? We’re taking you on a journey that’s transforming one teenager, from a rock and roller, to a junior gunslinger, with the help of a SASS legend. We’re following Gunslinger Jesse from young hip texter, to hip drawing six shooting, cowboy action competitor.


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History’s Guns - The French RSC 1917

32-15-8The French have a reputation for not producing great guns, but our firearms historian Garry James believes that’s not true with one battle rifle. Eighty-six-thousand RSC 1917s were produced by the end of World War One, but what makes this rifle so important is that it was the first semi-auto military battle rifle issued in large quantities.



The RSC 1917 combines a gas operated piston driven action plus a rotating bolt, making it advanced technology for the today and that makes it one of History’s Guns.




Shooting for a Cause - Tug McGraw Charity Shoot

32-15-12This story isn’t about your typical charity shoot. It’s about the country music industry coming together to raise funds and awareness for “Ya Gotta Believe” and the Tug McGraw Foundation. The foundation, started by major league baseball pitcher Tug McGraw, has a mission to research brain related trauma and tumors. Mike Irvine has this special story.

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New Modern Sport Rifle Products

The RCA Low Mass Competition Bolt Carrier Group

32-15-10Shedding 2.0 ounces from your MSR doesn’t seem like a lot of weight. However, losing 2.0 ounces of reciprocating weight, or losing 20% in recoil, is something you’ll feel. The LMCBCG is treated in the H&M Blacknitride+ coating process, so it will stand up to nearly any abuse. The complete Low Mass Competition Bolt Carrier Group retails for $275, or $150 for a stripped carrier that you build with your own parts.

More Information from RCA


The Benefits of Bipods

32-15-14In multi-gun competition, Open Division shooters are permitted to use a bipod. This common piece of firearms gear is used in many other rifle sports. So you might be intrigued to learn there are several very affordable design options starting with Blackhawk, Butler Creek, and Caldwell for around $60, with some as high as several hundred from tactical bipod maker Sierra 7. In today’s Pro Tip, Jerry Miculek will show you the proper use of a bipod.

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Pro Tip - Jerry Miculek on Bipods


Open division multi-gun shooters are allowed just about any modification to help speed up their game including the use of a bipod. In this Pro Tip, Jerry Miculek will show you how to employ a bipod effectively.









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