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Shooting USA - Midnight Three Gun

32-18-1It’s running and gunning in the dark with lights, night vision, and lasers; the ultimate challenge for 3-Gun competitors.  It’s the Midnight Three gun Invitational.

The challenge of 3-gun competition is the shooter must master three firearms instead of just one. Add in the dark of night, lasers, and night vision, and you have the Midnight 3-Gun Invitational, hosted by Crimson Trace.


32-18-4105 competitors are attempting to win a $10,000 purse. A shooter’s time is their score. Center hits on paper, fallen steel and broken clays add no time to each run.  Non-neutralized targets and shots outside the center of mass add penalty seconds..

There are no limits at the Midnight 3-Gun Invitational on guns and gear for the match.


32-18-3Covering this match wouldn’t have been possible without help from Night Optics USA and their PVS-14 night vision module attached to an iPhone 5 bracket. The mil-spec Gen-3 night vision module runs on a single AA battery, and can be used in several different configurations.



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History’s Guns - The Smith & Wesson Model 3

32-18-10In the early years of Smith & Wesson, the company found success making small caliber revolvers. But the model that was a worldwide hit was the larger caliber Model 3. It was so much of a success, that the Russian Army ordered 40,000 of the .44 caliber revolvers, giving it the nickname the Russian. The Model 3 is now one of History’s Guns.



Trevor Hosts HAVA


The firearms industry charity known as Honored American Veterans Afield, or HAVA, takes disabled veterans hunting and holds family range days to help with their recovery process.




32-18-6However, it isn’t often a wounded veteran organizes an event that he once benefited from. Disabled veteran and Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter Trevor Baucom is giving back to his wounded friends and neighbors, with a fun safe family day at the range.

HAVA website

Trevor Baucom

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation

Montgomery County Shooting Complex


Brownells Home Gunsmithing – Aluma-Hyde Camo Shotgun

32-18-12John’s working with the advice of the Brownell’s expert Gunsmith Advisors to show you a series of Home Gunsmithing Projects you can do.  In this project, John’s refinishing a Remington 870 in a new durable Aluma-Hyde camo pattern.

Project #1



Pro Tip - Todd Jarrett on Holster Draw Drills

32-18-24Todd Jarrett is in demand as an instructor for Military and Law Enforcement  units, and as an instructor for competitive shooters. This time Todd has five drills he teaches that will improve your draw.





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