The Back Up Nationals



Shooting USA - Back Up Gun Nationals

33-02-1It's the match for the gun you actually carry, the first Back Up Gun Nationals inside Smith & Wesson's ranges in Springfield, Mass. The snub nosed revolvers and pocket pistols are shooting head-to-head in competition that simulates CCW in the real world. Plus, the story of the moon clip, created for the M1917 Colt. Then John shows you how to improve your AR Trigger in a Brownells Home Gunsmithing Project. And Todd Jarrett shows you how to shoot your AR in unusual positions.

The Back Up Gun Nationals

33-02-2The International Defensive Pistol Association, or IDPA, is the sanctioning body for a shooting sport based on concealed carry. IDPA competitors shoot stages of fire based on real world scenarios. As the competition has evolved, the guns used in the match have evolved to firearms that people don’t actually carry concealed. So IDPA created a new match specifically for back up guns.



The Back up Gun Nationals test competitors’ abilities with their compact semi-autos and small J-frame revolvers. Limiting shooters to five rounds per string, in low light and no light stages with a flashlight, and the scenarios are closer to real world conditions.




33-02-3But what is a back up gun match? Let’s start with the guns. They are pistols and revolvers that your average person carries for self-defense like the S&W M&P Shield, or five shot snub nose revolver.  No matter whether a shooter uses a semi-auto or a revolver, five rounds is the maximum per string of fire. Limiting the number of rounds levels the playing field between the semi-auto and revolver shooters.

With 12 challenging stage scenarios, the Back Up Gun Nationals test even the best IDPA shooters.


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History’s Guns - The Colt Model 1917 New Service Revolver

33-02-8The year was 1917 and the U.S. was at war in Europe. Many of the doughboys went into battle carrying the 1911 Government Issue .45 ACP pistol, but there weren’t enough 1911s to go around. The solution: the Model 1917 Colt New Service revolver, adapted to chamber .45 ACP.



Brownells Home Gunsmithing – AR Trigger Upgrade

33-02-11ANo matter what kind of shooting you enjoy with your Modern Sporting Rifle, upgrading the trigger can improve performance. John’s at Brownells to show you how simple this upgrade can be, if you have the right tools for the job.

Project #3



Sculpting Wood and Metal into Art - Firearms Maker Greg Murry

33-02-10Lots of people go to school to become artists, but few discover an artistic talent they never planned on. Greg Murry is a Tennessee artist with the gift of shaping precious woods and metals into flintlock rifles the same way it was done 200 years ago. Greg’s passion started as a hobby, making rifles for friends and family. But it wasn’t until a friend offered to buy a flintlock that he knew he had to change careers and become a gunmaker.

Greg Murry & Leipers Fork Flintlocks


Pro Tip - Todd Jarrett on Rifle Positions

33-02-45Training with your Modern Sporting Rifle should be more than just punching holes in paper at the range. BLACKHAWK! pro-shooter Todd Jarrett shows you the shooting positions you need to be practicing while using cover and concealment.




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