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33-04-1It’s the bang and clang of drag racing with hand guns. The fastest shooters in the world are at the Steel Challenge to crown a world champion. Plus, the AK-47 and the designer who became the most famous of all Russian Generals. And John has another Brownell’s Home Gunsmithing project, saving an abused Remington 870 with a new stock set from Hogue. 


33-04-9Steel Challenge

Shooting Steel Challenge is as simple as it’s difficult. The challenge is to draw and shoot five steel targets in the least time possible. For some competitors, hitting five steel plates takes less than two seconds. So in a sport where your time is your score, the shooter with lowest time will win the Steel Challenge Shooting Association’s World Championship.

The three day competition is divided into three main matches, the rimfire and the two day limited and open division centerfire matches. In addition to the two matches, the Steel Master title is the combination of the best times from three divisions, one rimfire and two centerfire divisions, into an overall score. The shooter with the best combined score takes the Steel Master title.

33-04-11Some shooters choose to only shoot the Open Division match, preferring to save all their speed and energy for the one division that posts the fastest times of the match with the aid of red-dot optics and compensators.

After more than 30 years, the Steel Challenge continues to grow in popularity while pushing the envelope of accuracy and speed.

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History’s Guns - The Russian AK-47 Battle Rifle

33-04-2Since its creation in 1947, more than 75 million AKs have been manufactured all over the world. The AK-47’s success is the result of the design by Russian General Mikhail Kalashnikova, who passed away in December at the age of 94. Yet his legacy lives in the firearm many consider the greatest battle rifle in history.



33-04-3“The AK-47 is one of the most recognizable guns in the world. And also, it’s one of the world’s great battle rifles...It’s a superb gun,” according to firearms historian Garry James. The AK-47 is one of History’s Guns.




3-Gun Competition for the Adaptive Shooter

33-04-5The thrill and challenge of multi-gun competition attracts all types of shooters. But what about the adaptive shooter or wounded veteran with challenges that able bodied shooters don’t have? NRA Board Member Joe DeBergalis saw the value of an adaptive shooter 3-gun competition and wanted to give back to those that gave so much for this country. That’s the mission behind the Rockcastle Pro Am.

33-04-4Task Force Dagger also shares Joe’s philosophy by helping special operations soldiers adapt and cope with life changing battlefield injuries. One of those coping methods is through the sport of 3-gun competition. With the dedication of Joe DeBergalis and Task Force Dagger, adaptive shooters are enjoying a great day of competition at the range.

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Ruger CEO at the Franklin Gun Shop

33-04-10When you typically see a company CEO interview, they tend to be behind a big office desk. That wasn’t the case when Jim Scoutten got the opportunity to talk to Sturm, Ruger, & Company CEO Mike Fifer. Instead of a boardroom, Jim found Mike at our local gun shop personally meeting customers and selling guns.


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Brownells Home Gunsmithing – 870 Stock Upgrade

33-04-8After years of abuse, that former police Remington 870 is looking beat up, while the action has hardly been used. But there’s still plenty of life left in that trade in, and improved function with a Hogue Stock Upgrade. John Scoutten shows you how it’s done at Brownells.

More info on the Shooting USA Hogue Overmolded Stock Set.

View John’s step-by-step upgrade.

Pro Tip - Julie Golob on Carry Gun Accuracy Drills

33-04-6It’s a common belief that concealed carry guns are harder to shoot than full size handguns. Well, Smith & Wesson pro shooter Julie Golob has a Pro Tip for shooting your small sub-compact as accurately as your large handgun.




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