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33-05-5The Production Division of USPSA competition is like the old NASCAR saying, “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”. That’ why the factory sponsored shooters place great importance on the division title, hoping their success will influence your choice of handgun.

The Production Division is also the most popular with all USPSA members because of the lower cost of participating.  All you need is a $500 M&P, XD, or Glock, in 9mm, with 10 round mags. Just what’s available off the shelf at your local gunshop. The resulting surge in participation has led to the stand-alone USPSA Production Nationals in Tulsa, OK at the US Shooting Academy.


According to USPSA President Phil Strader, “Another advantage to holding a divisional specific match is we get people coming in from all over the place, who typically might not shoot production guns. The talent pool is so great we had to make two super squads.”



33-05-7Shooters are challenged by a combination of steel poppers, paper targets, max trap, activated swingers, and no shoot targets. Scoring is a combination target accuracy points, divided by the time to complete each stage. The shooter with the best balance of speed and accuracy has the best chance of taking the Production National Championship.

More info on the USPSA.


The FP-45 Flare Projector a.k.a. The Liberator

33-05-8During World War II, General Motors produced everything from tanks, trucks, airplanes, and machine guns;, but few are familiar with the little one-shot pocket gun that GM created for psychological purposes.

Garry James, firearms historian, calls the FP-45, “One of the coolest guns that was never used”. The theory was... this gun could be picked up by the locals and they could sneak up on an occupying soldier,  fire, and take their gun. It was the gun to go out and get another gun.

33-05-9It was a black-ops secret during the war. Not until after WW-II did the FP-45 get the nick-name The Liberator, from by collectors and historians..

More info on the Vintage Ordnance FP-45 Liberator reproduction.



A Profile on Randi Rogers

33-05-11For a competitive shooter to be invited by a gun manufacturer to join their pro team, it is an honor that few get the chance to experience. Most firearms companies have a pro team, but none of them have won more matches than the Smith & Wesson pro team. Doug Koenig, Julie Golob, Jerry Miculek and his family win more competitions each year than any of the other manufacturer team. So if the nation’s top pro shooting team offers you a spot, you must be a rising star.

That’s the case with the newest Smith & Wesson pro shooter, Randi Rogers, who began her career as a youngster in Cowboy Action with her champion grandfather.

More info on Randi Rogers.


Brownells Home Gunsmithing – Replacing Your Shotgun Bead

33-05-25A small change to your shotgun can make a big improvement in accuracy. That’s what John has in mind, replacing your old bead sight with a new Hi-Viz fiber optic sight. It’s an easy Brownells Home Gunsmithing Tip that doesn’t require a lot of specialized tools to do the job right.


More info on the Shooting USA Hi-Viz fiber optic sight kit.

The New Colt Mustang XSP .380 Pistol

33-05-28The latest pocket gun from Colt is a change from the Mustangs of the past. The new XSP is a polymer framed lightweight, weighing slightly less than 15 ounces loaded. Chambered in .380 with a six plus one capacity, the new Mustang is a great concealed carry option.

More info on the Colt Mustang XSP


Hornady Critical Defense - .380

What’s loaded in the Colt XSP is just as important as the pistol itself. Hornady’s Critical Defense line of ammunition is the highest performing round for personal protection. The FTX bullet provides superior penetration and expansion from short barrel carry guns.

More info on the Hornady Critical Defense FTX .380

Nevco HD Target

The new Nevco HD steel target is made from AR500 steel so it’s tough enough to stand up to all calibers up to .223. The target plate is both reversible and replaceable for long life on the range testing your accuracy.

More info on the Nevco HD target

Pro Tip - Julie Golob on Starting in USPSA Competition

33-05-29Learning how to shoot a course of fire takes practice, time and some ammo. So breaking down the stage of fire into its finer points will help simply the game and speed up your times. Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob has a Pro Tip to help out those new USPSA shooters.





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