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It’s the sport that could save your life as CCW training becomes competition scenarios in the IDPA Indoor Nationals at Smith & Wesson. The best in the world compete for titles and first timers get their first experience in competition. Plus, the odd-looking Webley Police revolver that’s now one of History’s Guns. And, John swaps an AR Stock in a Brownell’s Home Gunsmithing Tip, with a warning up front – you have to know what you own before you start.

The S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals

33-06-1The International Defensive Pistol Association is the shooting sport created to teach concealed carry. Each winter, more than 350 IDPA members head to the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center to compete in the IDPA Indoor Nationals. Over a four-day period, they’ll shoot from concealment in competition.  And the match is consistently growing in size, due to the challenge of 13 stages of fire, with real-life scenarios.

33-06-2“We’re seeing so many still, first time handgun buyers. So many new CHL-holders. So many people that understand it’s a dangerous world out there and they need to be proficient with their firearms,” says IDPA Executive Director, Joyce Wilson. “This is the sport that will help them achieve that.”



33-06-3The scoring in IDPA is based on your time in seconds to complete each stage of fire. It’s like golf. The lower the number the better. Hits in the center of the target are down one and add no time, but hits on the edge of the target penalize the competitor by adding more time to the score. So the competitor who capitalizes on the hits, and minimizes the misses, comes out on top at the IDPA Indoor Nationals.

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History’s Guns - The Webley Metropolitan Police Revolver

33-06-9Unlike the American West, where the most popular revolvers were single-action, a double-action revolver was the standard by 1870 in Europe, and in Great Britain.

“It was of a good size, that you could kind of slip it into an Inverness cape, and it was reliable. All you had to do was pick it up and aim it and pull the trigger and it was double-action,” says Garry James, our  firearms historian.

33-06-8By the late 1800s Bobbies were armed with the Webley six-shot, 2.5-inch barrel, double-action revolver, that was appropriately named the Metropolitan Police. Even London’s legendary detective of fiction, Sherlock Holmes, preferred the Webley, that is now one of History’s Guns. 



Katie Pavlich Shoots IDPA

33-06-6Katie Pavlich is a news editor and columnist for, and a frequent contributor on Fox News Channel. But during the IDPA Indoor Nationals, she was a new shooter. Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob invited Pavlich to the match, with the promise Julie would be her coach, to guide her through her first try at competition.



33-06-7 “What I love about IDPA is that they set you up in scenarios that could absolutely be real life,” Pavlich said. “So it’s a fun way to train for self-defense, but it allows you to compete and get better at your skills.”

Katie’s story on the IDPA Indoor Nationals



Brownells Home Gunsmithing Tip - AR Carbine Stock Install

33-06-11-300John’s gunsmithing segments have been so popular, we’re teaming up with Brownells to show you how you can do home gunsmithing, especially when you have the fight tools. In this project, John changes a full stock AR to an adjustable, carbine buttstock. And he has the information that will keep you from going wrong with the very first step.

View John’s Step-byStep Guide

Pro Tip - Julie Golob on Shooting IDPA

33-06-10Learning how to shoot a course of fire takes practice, time and some ammo. So breaking down the stage of fire into its finer points will help simply the game and speed up your times. Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob has a Pro Tip to help out those new USPSA shooters.





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