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Shooting USA - The Bushnell Brawl 2014

The Bushnell Brawl is test for the precision rifle shooter that is more than just making long shots.  There are unorthodox positions, physical demands, and the south Texas wind adding to the challenges.  Also the story of the Personal carry gun from the 1800’s, and design that is still in use today, the Remington Double Derringer is one of History’s Guns.  Then it’s a Pro Tip from the USAMU on determining where you cold bore shot is going to impact.  And Mike Irvine gives us an all access pass to the Dealers Only ATA or Archery Trade Association show, an insider look at new products for Bow shooters.

The Bushnell Brawl

33-07-12Each year, the Bushnell Brawl at Rifles Only in Kingsville, Texas draws the finest long range shooters from the military, law enforcement and the civilian shooting community.  There are 20 events that test each shooter’s ability to read wind, know their specific ballistics, and their ability to adapt to difficult shooting scenarios. And, each year, the competition proves to be even more challenging.

Whenever the difficulty ramps up, they step up, and we’ve seen it for the last fifteen years doing matches,” says Rifles Only Director, Jacob Bynum.  “Ramp up the difficulty, quality goes up.”

33-07-13The signature event is Trench Warfare, where each competitor gets a chance to shoot from a helicopter before running to the trench. Competitors also shoot from the tower, where shots are out to 1,000 yards. Not all events are shot over long distance. The Five Dot Drill and Know Your Limit on paper are shot inside 100 yards, but both of the events are shot prone support side, meaning a right-handed shooter must shoulder the rifle on the left.


As difficult as this match is, it still welcomes new shooters to the sport.  And there is an additional benefit to the host company, Bushnell. Employees and pro shooters are able to get direct feedback from the users.



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History’s Guns - The Remington Double Derringer


Our historian Garry James, takes us through the story of the personal carry gun from the 1800’s, the Remington Double Derringer, a design that is still in use today.






Only 150 years ago, the carry choice had just two big bore shots. It was a favorite in Hollywood, though unreliable at long distance.




The Performance Center Model 629

SW629-300The Newest Handgun Hunting revolver from The Smith and Wesson Performance Center. Six charge holes chambered in .44 Magnum with an eight and three quarter inch barrel for maximum performance. It is a choice rated to take any North American game animal.

Suggested Retail $1,400.

More information from S&W



The Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show

Mike Irvine has an all access pass to the “show for the bow,” the Archery Trade Association show or the ATA show.  More than 3,000 individual archery dealers were represented at the dealer only new products show for bow hunters. As the sport and business continue to grow, Mike took a closer look at new products that are bound to be hot commodities for bow shooters.

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ATA Show


Bowtech – RPM 360: The compound bow generates 360 feet per second, the fastest arrow speed in the Bowtech line.  




Big Game Treestand – Bravada: The aluminum stand is a lightweight, fixed-position tree stand, at only 12 pounds. 




Wildlife Research Center – Golden Estrus Xtreme: It’s the next step in buck attacking lures.  A farther reaching, more powerful doe in heat lure. 



Gateway Fletching – Custom Arrow Fletching DVD: Master of the Longbow Byron Ferguson shows us how to make real feather fletchings in all shapes, styles, and colors, plus, how to install them.



Prois – Archtech Jacket: Super warm and very light weight hunting coat built by lady hunters for lady hunters. 




Buck Buster – Mineral Lick: An all natural mineral lick guaranteed to promote bigger rack growth, and reduce the number of pests in whitetail deer.  




Primos – Rack & Roll: A compact, lightweight new way of mimicking the sound of two large class bucks fighting, and it can be operated with just one hand.  



Pro Tip - The Cold Bore Shot

33-07-19Sgt. Joe Hein of the Army Marksmanship Unit's International Rifle Team has a Pro Tip on determining the impact of your cold bore shot.  A cold bore will affect the accuracy of your rifle, so knowing where your cold bore shot will impact is critical.  This Pro Tip will show you how to be sure.




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