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Shooting USA - IDPA Puerto Rico 2014

33-09-2It’s an IDPA National Championship that feels more like a vacation. We’re in Puerto Rico for competition in the Caribbean. Then we’re covering the NRA annual Meeting and New Product Show in Indianapolis, with 75,000 members gathering to support the NRA and the Second Amendment. Plus the story of the rare Ithaca Model 37 Trench Gun, that’s now one of History’s Guns. And Pro Shooter, Taran Butler, has a Pro Tip on setting up your shotgun to be more successful in 3-Gun Competition.


Puerto Rico IDPA National Championship

33-09-1As the International Defensive Pistol Association, or IDPA, continues to grow in popularity across the country, the RL Shooting Club in Caugus, Puerto Rico has also been growing in popularity and participation.. The club started with only 12 members in 2011. Now, 400 members are shooting regular matches, and showing up to contest the titles in the 2014 Puerto Rico IDPA National Championship.


33-09-3Like most IDPA clubs, the members come from all walks of life. “It’s really like a big family here at the RL shooting club in Caguas. Probably 90 percent of us are civilians,” says Eliut Flores. “We have lawyers, we have doctors, we have teachers, we have speech pathologists, we have pediatricians. Of course we also have policemen, and we have people from the National Guard, that we have gotten enthused with this sport.”



33-09-6There are five divisions of competition in IDPA, two for revolvers and three for semi-automatics. All participants compete in 12 stages that include “Rainy Day,” “Working in the Office,” and the most physically challenging, “The Bridge.”

The competition is based on time and accuracy, and the course varies with moving targets, no-shoot targets, and challenging clam shells targets opening briefly for a competitors shots.

Overall, it’s great shooting challenges set in a tropical paradise.


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History’s Guns - The Ithaca Model 37 Trench Gun

33-09-15The sound is unmistakable, the gun itself is extremely rare, and it’s not well-known that the Ithaca Model 37 has a history of military service in World War II. The 12-gauge pump was an effective threat to the enemy, but because of a decision by the Ordinance Department, the gun saw extremely limited action.





Only 1,400 Model 37 Trench Guns were actually made, adding to its value and rarity. It is today highly sought after by collectors. The Ithaca Model 37 is now one of History’s Guns.




NRA Annual Meeting and Show

33-09-4More than 75,000 defenders of the Second Amendment turned out for the 143rd NRA Annual Meeting and New Product Show in Indianapolis. It’s a time when dignitaries like Sen. Dan Coats of Indiana instill the meaning of this celebration in front of tens of thousands at Lucas Oil Stadium, and where the best shooters in the industry meet and greet their biggest fans. Plus, the convention is also about signing up new members.



“Well, this is how you do it. This is how you make a difference,” said one volunteer. “You become a cheerful volunteer and get to meet all these wonderful people coming to NRA Show. There’s some terrific people coming in here and I haven’t met them all yet, but I’d like to.”





More than 600 manufacturers set up their booths at the NRA convention for their primary customers to see and try the newest guns and gear and we took a closer look at some of those new products.



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Bushnell Elite Tactical CQTS 3 MOA Red Dot Optic

Hornady Ammo Plant

Safariland GLS Retention Holster for the M&P Shield

Revolution Stronghold XL Gunsafe - Tactical Edition

Century Arms American Made Centurion 39

Colt LE 901-16S Conversion Kit

Smith & Wesson M&P15-22

Bushnell Elite Tactical Hunter long range hunting scope


Sighting In - Centurion 39 Sporter Rifles by Century Arms

33-09-11It’s the first AK produced entirely in the United States. Century Arms is behind the Centurion 39 Sporter Rifles, made in the Vermont plant. It uses a Tapco trigger and polymer magazines, chambered in the original caliber 7.62 by 39, meaning the steel case ammunition is affordable and available.

You’re not going to be competitive in a precision rife series match with the Centurion 39, but that’s not what this rifle is intended for,” said Shooting USA’s John Scoutten. “As a ranch rifle or a truck gun, it definitely fits the bill.”

More Information from Century International


Pro Tip - Taran Butler on Shotgun Speed Tips


Three-gun pro, Taran Butler knows what it takes to knock off seconds in competition and he’s happy to share a few tips that will improve your speed. It starts with how to set up your competition shotgun.




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