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Shooting USA - USPSA Open Nationals – Inside STI International

It’s the fastest run and gun racing of all, with fully enhanced Open Division guns competing for the national title. Plus, the inside story of STI, the employee owned company that has claimed more national titles than any other manufacturer.  Then John’s got the Benchrest secret on cleaning for accuracy in a Brownells Home Gunsmithing project. And the story of the Long Lee Enfield, that’s now one of History’s Guns.

USPSA Open Nationals

33-1-2The beautiful Utah desert sets the stage for one of the fastest run and gun pistol matches of the year. The USPSA Open Nationals is suited for only one elite division of handgun, the highly modified high capacity Open Gun.

Nestled between the stunning red rock deserts and Razor Ridge, the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park is "one of the best facilities that you've never heard of, in the whole country", according to USPSA Open Match Director Ken Nelson.

33-1-1Accurate scoring is important when determining a shooter's hit factor and match points per stage. The hit factor is a combination of a shooter's stage time and target points from each round on target. On USPSA paper targets, hits in the A zone are worth five points, B zone and C zones are four points, and hits to the D zone are two points. Hits resulting in a fallen steel target are worth five points. After the stage run, all target points are totaled and divided by the shooter’s time. This creates the hit factor, or points per second score.

33-1-5The shooter with the highest hit factor will take full match points for that stage. The remaining competitors will take a percentage of the points based on their hit factor points. This scoring system only adds to the pressure of finishing on top at the end of every stage, because once you fall behind in points, it will not be easy to fight back.

At the highest level, the pressure is on to be very fast and very accurate in run-and-gun action.


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History’s Guns - The Long Lee Enfield


The Long Lee Enfield is widely regarded as the finest bolt-action battle-rifle ever to see combat. For more than 60 years, British troops carried the rifle into battle, defending the empire and in both world wars.





Firearms historian Garry James calls it, “very simply the finest military, bolt-action rifle ever made. Mausers were good sporting guns, but the Enfield would be the one I’d want to take into combat.” That’s high praise for the Long Lee Enfield, that is now one of History’s Guns.



STI International - Race Guns & Duty Guns


STI guns have won more championships than any other manufacturer, but race guns aren’t the primary business of this employee owned company. Highly accurate duty and carry guns are the majority of STI’s orders.





For more than 20 years the Georgetown, TX based company has been creating fully enhanced 1911s and their double stack, high capacity version, the 2011 Models. The familiar STI high capacity magazines are patented and are also produced in house to assure reliability in feeding.




All the work is accomplished by the highly motivated employee-owners of STI and their commitment to quality and accuracy produces legendary performance in competition, and on the street.




STI International

More info on STI's 1911 Models

More info on STI's 2011 Models

Brownells Home Gunsmithing – Bore Cleaning


A clean bore is an accurate bore, but thoroughly cleaning the lands and grooves can be difficult. John is back with another Brownell’s Home Gunsmithing segment that is a benchrest champion’s accuracy secret.

Project #2



Pro Tip - Julie Golob on the Four C’s for Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun

33-1-12The biggest selling firearms are concealed carry guns. But the variety of calibers, styles, and features can be confusing for novice shooters. Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter Julie Golob has information to help you  choose the right carry gun.




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