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Pros are paired with new shooters to take on long distance shooting challenges at the Bushnell Tactical GAP Grind in the Florida panhandle. Then, it’s one of the most popular competitions at the National Matches, when shooters compete with the legendary M1 Garand. Plus, how the fictitious Buntline Special is now one of History’s Guns, even without any real history. And John Paul shows us some unusual shooting positions that will lead you to a win.

Bushnell Tactical GAP Grind

33-15-1Precision rifle competitions can be intimidating due to the knowledge and equipment needed to participate in the sport. That’s why Bushnell hosts “The Grind” at the K&M Training Facility in Baker, Florida. The Bushnell Precision GAP Grind welcomes new shooters, and pairs them with professionals, in a fun and friendly Pro/Am format. 




“Working with new people is always a challenge but it’s also fun at the same time because you’re passing something that you’ve learned along to someone else,” said Ryan Allen of G.A. Precision Rifles.






Over the course of three days, competitors and their teammates tackle 20 stages, including moving targets, and others out to 1,000 yards. It’s a match where learning experiences are easily accessible and new relationships are formed.




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History’s Guns - Buntline Special   


Colt built many long-barrel, single action revolvers, including many six-guns with shoulder stocks. These guns were common in the Old West, but the Buntline Special was only common in Hollywood, thanks to a creative author and his cowboy stories.






“The Colt Buntline Special certainly is one of the most famous guns in American history,” says Firearms Historian Garry James. “Of course, the problem is, it probably never existed as the Buntline Special.”




Garand Match at Camp Perry

33-15-8One of the most popular competitions at the National Matches in Camp Perry is the John C. Garand Match, named in honor of the famous designer and his service rifle.  The Garand match and Garand sales are part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, to help create better American marksmen, a tradition originally encouraged by President Theodore Roosevelt.




33-15-9The Garand match is a straightforward competition, but the 1,000 competitors who participate are not just competing, but also honoring their forefathers who carried the Garand to war. Plus, we meet one of the oldest competitors on the firing line, who took his first shots at Camp Perry more than 60 years ago.



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33-15-12Walther PPX

Walther is out with a new full-size duty gun in either 9mm or 40 Auto. The PPX is hammer-fired and is protected by three safeties, including a hammer-block safety that protects the firing pin. The trigger is set to 6.5 lbs. and is smooth with a clean break.  It’s also affordable at about $450.   Walther PPX


33-15-11Prolix Cleaner & Lubricants

Prolix is a biodegradable, non-petroleum based solvent and lube, to clean your firearm without harming the bluing or the wood finish. Prolix lubricates as it cleans, so there’s no need for a separate coating of gun oil. Spray it on, wipe it clean.  A 4 oz. bottle is about $8.



33-15-10North American Arms Tucker Trailmaster

It’s a new backwoods collectable, the North American Arms Tucker Trailmaster. It’s a CRKT fixed blade hunter and a North American Arms mini-revolver, chambered in .22 Magnum, with matching serial numbers, in a combination sheath and holster. Your gun shops can order the set for you.  Suggested Retail is $315.

North American Arms Tucker Trailmaster  


Pro Tip: John Paul on Shooting Positions 

33-15-14From time to time you may be forced to get into unusual shooting positions at competitions.  Knowing how to build a solid shooting position can be the key to success. John Paul of JP Precision Rifles shows us the most basic positions and some unusual variations, where you may need to rely on your buddy to get the shot.




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