IDPA Indoor Championship 2015


Shooting USA – IDPA Indoor Championship 2015

We’re inside the Smith & Wesson Shooting Center covering the IDPA Indoor Nationals. Interactive and realistic scenarios challenge the best in the sport. John has the highlights, with Tony Pignato making his debut as competition analyst. Plus, the breakthrough John Browning pistol design that’s now one of History’s Guns. And, a young shooter defies the odds and shares his inspiring story.

IDPA Indoor Nationals

34-05-1The International Defensive Pistol Association or IDPA is the shooting sport developed from concealed carry. Stages of fire are detailed, interactive, but most of all shooters face realistic challenges that double as good training. Over the years, IDPA has grown in popularity and one of the biggest matches of the year is the IDPA Indoor Nationals at the Smith & Wesson Shooting Center in Massachusetts.


Dozens of professional, amateur and junior competitors shoot their way through “Wizard of Oz”-themed stages with their carry choice. Those with the most accurate hits and quickest times take the high honors in each of the five divisions. Will Bob Vogel take home his eighth consecutive IDPA title in the Stock Service Pistol Division?


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History’s Guns - 1900 Browning    

34-05-6Famed firearms designer John Moses Browning created rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and some of the greatest semi-auto pistols that are still relevant today. One of those, developed for Belgian gun manufacturer Fabrique Nationale, would represent a break-through in pistol design. The FN Browning M1900, was the first to use a moving slide to eject and feed.

“The 1900 Browning was an important pistol from several different standpoints,” says Firearms Historian Garry James. “Number one, it was the first semi-auto pistol with a slide, and it was really the first real practical semi-auto pocket pistol.” 

Defying the Odds: Hunter Cayll

34-05-11Hunter Cayll is a 19-year-old from Manchester, Tennessee. He’s a competitive multi-gun shooter, a first time match director, and lives by the motto, “No excuses.” Hunter was also born without hands.

“I want people to be inspired to go out there and shoot,” says Hunter. “Go out there and get outdoors. Go do things instead of just being, ‘oh something happened to me now, I have nothing else to live for,’ and that’s stupid. You have everything to live for. You can do whatever you want to do.”

Hunter Cayll is out every day proving there are no excuses.


Gun Matchmaker: Lisa Myers and CCW Choices


The decision to choose the best personal carry gun can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a new feature called Gun Matchmaker. John takes Lisa Myers out to the range with three potential carry guns. So what does Lisa prefer and choose? 


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Pro Tip: Vincent Hancock on Training for a Bird Hunt  

34-05-12Vincent Hancock has two Olympic Gold Medals and he’s working towards a third gold in 2016. When he’s not training, Vincent is still on the trap or skeet field, but getting tuned up for his next bird hunt. And, he has a few exercises that will help you bag more birds on your next hunt.



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