Bushnell Brawl 2015


Shooting USA – Bushnell Brawl 2015

This time, it’s precision rifle in the Texas winds, battling the elements at Rifles Only for the Bushnell Brawl, the most challenging of the Presidion Rifle Match series. Plus, the Remington Rolling Block, selected by armies around the world, but never by the U.S. Army. And, HAVA honors our bravest at the Rockcastle Shooting Center for a day of family-fun and shooting.

Bushnell Brawl

34-06-1The Bushnell Brawl is one of the most challenging long-range rifle matches in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS). Each spring, Jacob Bynum and his team at Rifles Only in Kingsville, Texas, host the competition, which attracts some of the finest precision rifle shooters in the country, including military and law enforcement officers.




“We’re known as being the most difficult match in the entire series. We’ve had that reputation even before PRS came along,” says Bynam.





34-06-2And, Rifles Only continues to present difficult stages that include shooting from a helicopter, from atop a net, from various rooftops, and shooting from a tower out to 1,000 yards. Plus, no one can escape the South Texas winds that constantly gust at this range. It raises the bar for shooters, especially when it comes to shooting movers. Luckily, the U.S. Army’s Sergeant Tyler Payne shows us how to make those moving long shots count.


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History’s Guns - Remington Rolling Block

34-06-7Remington produced 10,000 Rolling Blocks for the United States military, but the breech-loading rifle only saw action in the hands of other militaries. The U.S. tested the gun, but decided it would be cheaper and easier to modify old, single-shot Springfields with the trapdoor system. So, the U.S. sold its surplus and never went to war. However, the rifle did see action in the hands of other militaries across the world.


“It’s probably one of the most important single-shot rifles in the history of the world,” says Firearms Historian Garry James. “It was the gun that introduced a lot of militaries to the self-contained, metallic cartridge.”




Healing with HAVA

34-06-5In 2007, outdoor industry executives organized the group Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) to help returning soldiers heal and re-integrate back into their normal lives through shooting events.  It’s a mission Smith & Wesson Pro Trevor Baucom deeply believes in. And, it’s why he encouraged the organization to host HAVA’s Family Range Day at the Rockcastle Shooting Center near Fort Campbell in Kentucky.


34-06-6“I had four or five different people come up and say, ‘hey, we want to volunteer next year,’” says Baucom. “Hopefully we continue to grow the sport, get more people involved, more families involved, and that will hopefully bring more veterans in and get them the help they need.”



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Review: Sig Sauer P320

34-06-11Sig Sauer’s P320 is the company’s first striker-fired handgun that can be converted from a full-size to a carry pistol. Its user friendliness and extra emphasis on safety make the pistol easy to maneuver and to configure if you’re looking to go from carry to competition.




34-06-121“The .40 cal configuration with the compact frame may not be the most concealable I’ve ever had my hands on, but still an excellent, accurate, easy-to-shoot fast gun,” says John. “I have to say I like them both, but I’m more partial to the 9-millimeter full-size. This may be my choice for IDPA in SSP or Production Division in USPSA.”



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Precision Rifle Support Pads

34-06-15Wiebad Tac-Pads can be placed between a shooter’s elbow and knee to assist when shooting off of a barricade.  Armageddon Gear’s “Brick” is a smaller version that can be used for stock support when prone. 



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Match Advice from Tyler Payne on Shooting Movers

34-06-13There are two ways to shoot a moving target: trapping and tracking. Tracking involves placing your sights in front of the target and matching the target’s speed while breaking the shot. Trapping is placing your sights in front of the target and waiting the target to get to your aiming point. For a short moving target exposure, use Trapping. For a longer exposure, across a wider aiming field, use Tracking.


Pro Tip: Vincent Hancock on Training a Student  

34-06-14There’s no question two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Vincent Hancock is talented and skilled in skeet shooting. He has the medals to prove it. When he’s not working toward a third gold medal in 2016, Vincent is training the next generation of shooters, including a Junior Olympian who may give him a run for the gold in the future.



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