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Shooting USA – Cadet Combat Championship

It’s competition that simulates combat for Army, Navy, and Coast Guard cadets, building their skills for the future. Plus, the NRA Annual Meeting comes to town with 78,000 members showing up in Nashville. And, Julie Golob has a Pro Tip that takes just one box of ammo to keep your concealed carry skills sharp. 

Cadet Combat Championship

34-08-1In order to help shape future leaders in the military, the U.S. Army provides a special match for cadets in the Army, Navy and Coast Guard. Each year, they’re tested on their physical strength, shooting skills, and emotional challenges. It’s the Military College Combat Shooting Championship at Fort Benning in Georgia, and it’s designed to simulate combat while preparing the next generation of officers.


34-08-3“When I go home I’ll shoot my guns, I’ll plink in the woods and have some fun, but when I’m here, we’re training for something bigger,” says Andrew Patterson of the U.S. Naval Academy. “I think that kind of sums up why we’re all here.”

Cadets have to run with a 70-pound weight before taking their first shots on one stage, or crawl under a net of barbed wire in full combat gear in another. The challenges are fierce, but they’re learning situations that many of these young cadets could be faced with on the battlefield.

34-08-2“I’ve seen these guys all take what they are learning here and pass it on to others. So, in the grand scheme of things, when it comes to making their units, their subordinates better, there’s no better way to do it than what they’re doing right now,” says Major Cory Carter, West Point’s Coach.



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History’s Guns - Beretta M9

34-08-12Many of the United States’ service arms of the 20th Century were designed and built in America, so it was a surprise when the U.S. adopted the Italian-made M9 Beretta three decades ago as the Army’s new sidearm. Still the M9, a short recoil, semi-auto, fed from a 15-round double stack magazine, is appreciated in the Army.



34-08-14“The M9 is a very reliable pistol. It’s very safe. It works pretty much every, single time. It’s not a picky gun, it’s not particular about what magazines you put in it, unlike some other pistols. So, it’s very reliable,” says Sergeant First Class Adam Sokolowski of the U.S. Army Service Pistol Team. “You apply a little bit of oil and the gun works.”



NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville

34-08-7For Second Amendment supporters, the National Rifle Association’s Annual meeting is the biggest event of the year. It’s a family gathering of sorts where gun owners can rub shoulders with industry leaders and high-profile people and politicians. And in 2015, 78,000 NRA members flooded Nashville, Tennessee, to do just that.



34-08-8NRA volunteers signed up about 10,000 new members at this year’s event. Some folks brought their questions and comments to industry leaders, some wanted to see the latest innovations and gear, and others brought their families to introduce their kids to the shooting world.



34-08-9“I want to get people to get their kids out and get their kids shooting and that’s the future,” says Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter Trevor Baucom. “Teaching them the safety behind it, how to be safe with firearms. And getting them to love the sport, because if they don’t love it, we’re going to lose it.”




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Hornady Bolt Ball

34-08-15The Lock N Load Bolt Ball from Hornady is a small yet effective innovation that will make your rifle easier and quicker to cycle. Molded in grippy material, Bolt Balls fit over bolt handles on rifles. Suggested retail is $6.52. 

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STI DVC Limited

34-08-16DVC is a Latin acronym for “Diligentia Vis Celeritas,” meaning Accuracy, Power and Speed. It’s the motto of IPSC, and the STI DVC Limited is designed to go racing in IPSC and USPSA competition. It’s about 2.5 lbs. with an oversized magazine release, skeletonized serrated face trigger, and beveled relief cuts in the slide. The DVC Limited is offered in both .40 caliber and 9mm. Suggested retail is $2,800.

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Pro Tip: Julie Golob’s 50-Round Drill

34-08-17Just because you carry, doesn’t mean you’re ready to defend yourself and your family. Carrying is only half of what goes into it. The other half is actually practicing with your concealed carry firearm. That’s where Smith & Wesson Pro Julie Golob comes in, with her 50-round workout drill to keep your skills tuned up.




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