20th Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals


Shooting USA - 20th Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals

It’s the twentieth year of defensive pistol competition at Smith & Wesson and the 20th year anniversary of the founding of IDPA competition. In 20 years the self-defense sport has grown to be worldwide. Plus, the only multi-gun match on an active Army base, the Ft. Benning 3-Gun. And, the Remington 03-A3, the inexpensive version of the 1903 Springfield, is one of History’s Guns.

IDPA Indoor National Championship

36-07-11For two decades, the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) has challenged competitors with defensive pistol problem solving through run and gun competition, equipping competitors’ with shooting skills and boosting their confidence to carry a firearm. This year, IDPA is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, and tradition ‚Ä“ 20 years competing on the Smith & Wesson ranges in Massachusetts. It’s the Indoor National Championship, with 300 shooters competing and practicing self-defense in real life scenarios.

36-07-10“As a full-time law enforcement officer I can’t tell you how many times that these skills have specifically enabled me to come home every night,” says Pat Doyle. “So, the skills that you get in these matches like this are absolutely an amazing opportunity.”

Range Safety Officers present the scenario at each stage, whether it is a protest rally that turns violent, spilling into the workplace; or menacing monkeys that escape from the jungle. Competitors draw from concealment then encounter threat targets on 15 courses of fire. And many of the stages require the use of a flashlight! It’s an adrenaline rush that requires skill, but it’s also a chance to have fun, especially for first-timers.

36-07-13“It’s definitely a breath of fresh air for someone who’s never done this before,” says Natasha Schultz from New York. “It’s fun. You meet a lot of great people. Everybody’s looking out for each other. So, it’s really nice.”




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History’s Guns: Remington 03-A3

36-07-7Modifying the 03 Springfield was the cheapest and quickest response to a limited supply of M1 Garands as America entered World War Two. Remington Arms won the government contract to produce the secondary weapon for U.S. soldiers, but made 600 total changes to the bolt-action firearm to hold down costs. Though the rifle was still chambered in .30-06, stamped parts replaced milled parts, a receiver-mounted rear sight was added, and different barrels were used with different rifling. Remington made so many changes to the 03 Springfield, that it was given a new designation: the U.S. Model 1903-A3.

36-07-8“It’s a very historical firearm. It was an interesting stopgap piece and it was produced rapidly,” says Firearms Historian Garry James. “It showed America’s manufacturing might, because we turned out a slug of these things during the war.”



The Ft. Benning 3-Gun Match

36-07-1It’s the only time civilians can compete in a run-and-gun match on an active U.S. military installation. It’s Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun competition that sells out in seconds because of the  challenging courses of fire that also feature Army weapons. The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit hosts this one-of-a-kind experience on Krilling Range at Ft. Benning, Georgia.


36-07-2“Part of the mission for the Army Marksmanship Unit is to connect America’s people with America’s Army, and this is a great opportunity for us to do that,” says Commander of the USAMU, LTC Jim Barrows.

And the competition goes on, rain or shine, in the army tradition that mother nature never stops the mission.


36-07-3“If it ain’t rainin’ we ain’t trainin’, it doesn’t matter where you are, or what the elements are, the mission has to be completed,” says Match Director SFC Michael Buss.




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Savage MSR 15 Recon

36-07-14Savage is entering the AR market with the new MSR 15 Recon. It’s ready to go, right out-of-the-box outfitted with accessories from BLACKHAWK!, like an upgraded trigger, pistol grip, and six-position adjustable stock. The Recon has a .223 Wylde chamber, which means the rifle will accept any .223 or .556 load. BLACKHAWK! Pro Shooter Todd Jarrett is already a fan.

“The Savage MSR Rifle is a really nice setup. Lightweight, very balanced. It has a one-in-eight Wylde chamber on it and it is outfitted with the BLACKHAWK! stock, grip and sights,” says Jarrett. “If you’re looking for Savage accuracy this is your gun.”

Savage MSR Recon Link


TechWear Tac-Latch Charge Handle

36-07-15TechWear has two new ambidextrous charge handles for civilians and law enforcement officers. It’s called the Tac-Latch, and its robust construction and patented design immediately stand out. Pull either wing of the handle and the latch releases. There’s a slim line version, which minimizes snag, designed for military and law enforcement operators who wear gear. For civilians, the Tac-Latch uses the same mechanism, but with longer wings.  Either version of the Tac-Latch is $80.

Tac-Latch Link 


Pro Tip: Todd Jarrett - Personal Defense from a Car

36-07-16Carrying concealed takes planning and practice, but personal defense is more complicated when you’re in a vehicle. BLACKHAWK! Pro Shooter Todd Jarrett shows us how to carry concealed in the driver’s seat, and how to have your firearm accessible at a moment’s notice.





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