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36-12-1This time, it’s a new speed record at the Steel Challenge in California. The Pros take on banks of five steel targets in lightning fast rounds. Then, the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association hosts Youngsters for a weekend at Friendship to get them started with their first shots in the shooting sports. And we get our first shots with the big bore M&P 2.0 .45. Plus Ken Hackathorn is teaching home defense with your AR Rifle.


Steel Challenge

36-12-2The sport of steel shooting is one of the most competitive disciplines. In some cases, the top men and women can draw and shoot five steel targets in less than two seconds. Of course, that is the top one percent of shooters in the sport. Still, those reactive steel targets are appealing to everyone, including those who shoot Pistol Caliber Carbines, or PCC. So, the Steel Challenge Shooting Association has created a division just for PCC, and that is having a positive impact on participation in the sport.



“Since July of last year we have doubled the number of people who are classified in steel challenge and doubled the amount of activity that we see every month at local clubs in people’s neighborhoods,” says SCSA and USPSA President Mike Foley.



36-12-3Even though the guns and equipment continue to evolve, the challenge remains the same. The World Speed Shooting Championship, the Steel Challenge, is known for its eight courses of fire that never change. And every year, the competition gets faster at the Hogue Action Pistol Ranges in Morro Bay, California.



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NMLRA’s Kids Weekend

36-12-5The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association is an organization that holds traditional meets twice each year in Friendship, Indiana. During both occasions, people from around the world dress up like mountain men and women, and practice old shooting techniques and outdoor skills. However, the average age of NMLRA members is 70 years old, and it is proving to be difficult to engage young shooters. So, organizers now host a Youth Shoot Weekend, just for the young guns! It’s an event where members teach kids how to shoot in a positive environment, with the idea that the joyful experience will encourage kids to return.

36-12-6“Positive reinforcement for any young shooter is the best thing you can do for them,” says Range Master Marty Murphy. “I try and tell every kid that comes in they've done a good job, they hit the target or they've done something right.”

Youth Shoot instructors are all volunteers and assist in helping kids learn how to shoot everything from paintball guns, to muzzleloading rifles, to .22 pistols, to shotgun clays, and how to throw a tomahawk like a mountainman pioneer.


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Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 in .45 ACP

36-12-7The Smith & Wesson M&P in .45 ACP has finally received the 2.0 treatment! It’s officially the M&P45 2.0, and there are some key differences between the original and the new 2.0. First, the M&P45 2.0 is 1.1 ounces heavier because of the steel chassis frame insert. The added weight makes for an exceptionally flat and accurate 45. It also has aggressive texturing on all of the grip surfaces, and it ships with four grip-inserts ranging from small, medium, medium-large to large. Now, the original M&P 45 has an upswept beaver tail design to the frame, but the 2.0 has done away with that, which saves about a half an inch in overall gun length. Both guns sport the fish-gill style cocking serrations, but the new 2.0 has the minimized forward cocking serrations. Magazine capacity is still ten rounds, and that adds up to confidence in a carry gun. The new M&P45 2.0 retails for $599.

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TTI Basepads for M&P Shield

36-12-8For those of you carrying the M&P Shield, TTI has a way to get you two extra rounds in your factory magazine in nine millimeter or one extra round in your factory magazine in 40 S&W. The TTI base pads for the M&P Shield are available in as many as eight different colors and retail for $29.

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Ammo Reload Boxes from Repackbox

36-12-9There’s a new way to organize your inventory of ammunition if you’ve been loading your rounds and building up a reserve. They are custom cut ammo boxes from Repackbox Company. They’re caliber-specific and come in a kit of 30 boxes. Pistol caliber boxes hold 50 rounds. Rifle caliber boxes vary. 5.56 boxes hold 30 rounds. Each kit comes with a pair of white cotton gloves so you can pack rounds without finger print oils. Each kit has folding instructions for the acid-free cardstock die-cuts. There are 17 individual cartridge choices, including 12 gauge rounds, and they’re all in the Shooting USA online store. The price, $19.95 with free shipping to help you get much better organized than piles of zip lock bags.

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Pro Tip: Ken Hackathorn - Self-Defense Rifle

36-12-10There are dozens of after-market modifications for Modern Sporting Rifles when it comes to sport, comfort, accuracy and defense. So, what do you choose? Colt Combat Unit Member and world-renowned firearms instructor, Ken Hackathorn, has a few tips on how to set up your MSR for home-defense, including how to store it, how to practice training with it, and even how to avoid snagging your mustache when you shoot!





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