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It’s a brand new sponsor, for a brand new match, on a brand new range. Lucas Oil is now sponsoring Gun Racing with the Championship of Pistol Caliber Carbine action shooting.  John Scoutten and Tony Pignato both shoot the match and report the action, as the best in the sport compete for $10,000 in prize money. Plus the last of the British Enfields, the Jungle Carbine, is now one of History’s Guns.   And from our 25 years of Television history, we’re bringing back Jerry Miculek’s world records set 14 years ago in 2003.


Pistol Caliber Carbines

36-15-2It’s not often in the shooting sports we find a new sponsor arriving on the scene, but we have one now. Lucas Oil Products is very well known for sponsoring all kinds of racing, and they are now sponsoring gun racing, creating a new match to be the world championship for Pistol Caliber Carbines. They not only have created the championship, they created an entire range to host it at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.


36-15-1The top Pistol Caliber Carbine shooters in the country, and from around the world, have come to compete on ten courses of fire. Plus, there’s a lot on the line, including bragging rights and a $10,000 cash prize for the champion. The sport even has the interest of Russian PCC shooter, Maria Shvarts.






"We shoot with Saiga nine by nineteen caliber manufactured by Kalishnikov and in Russia. This is a very popular caliber and popular rifle," says Shvarts.



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History’s Guns: Jungle Carbine

36-15-5By the middle of WWII, the advantages of a shorter, maneuverable carbine had become clear. That trend would ultimately lead to today’s M-4 carbines as the US primary service rifle. In 1943 the U.S. introduced the M-1 Carbine, chambered for a pistol cartridge, but the British developed their carbine from a time-tested bolt action, chambering a full-power rifle cartridge.




It was a Lee-Enfield that quickly picked up the nickname the Jungle Carbine, though its official title was the Lee-Enfield Number 5, Mark I, chambered in the British .303.




Jerry Miculek World Record

36-15-7In this 25th year of reporting the stories of the shooting sports, we’re looking back to significant events from the past. Jerry Miculek’s NRA certified world records certainly fit that description. So we’re taking you back to the summer of 2003 in Jackson, Mississippi as the fastest man alive with a double action revolver tries to become the fastest man who ever lived. Jerry takes on two of Ed McGivern’s records from the past.

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Hoppe's Black Gun Cleaner

36-15-10Here's a quick cleaning and lubrication process that you can pull off in a safe area between stages that might just save your match. Now, this is not to be confused with a full disassembly and cleaning. This is to get your gun running, get through the rest of the match kind of thing, and it's got to be quick because the rest of your squad is going to be busy covering for you, resetting targets, while you’re in the safe area. The key elements are from Hoppe’s Black, steps one and three. Step one is their high performance gun cleaner. Step three is their high temperature lubricant. You’ll want a bristle brush and some rags. You probably have rags in your range bag, but worst case scenario, use paper towels, or napkins from the food truck, or even the match t-shirt that was in the gift bag. The bottom line, you’ve only got a few short minutes to get the crud off of your bolt carrier and out of the receiver.

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Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Target Transitions


The gun goes where the eyes go. That’s the lesson Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter, Julie Golob has for you in helping to speed up your shooting times.






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