Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship


Shooting USA - Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship


This time the shootout sport that Hollywood created. It’s the Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship from Fallon Nevada. And, Honored American Veterans Afield celebrates 10 years of helping wounded vets get back to the range. 




Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship

37-02-1The sport of Fast Draw grew out of the Hollywood film legend of two gunslingers squaring off on main street to shoot it out. But then then the  competition got gamey with steel lined holsters and lightweight aluminum guns. The Cowboy Fast Draw Association cleaned all that up, returning to real guns and leather holsters and with the competition to name the World Champion each year.



37-02-4The ammo is primer driven wax bullets for safety, but the challenge is still speed.  How fast can you draw, thumb the hammer and hit the target while aiming instinctively from the hip? The timers measure to the thousandth of a second and the winner will be shooting in less than a third of a second.



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HAVA 10 Years

37-02-6Ten years of standing with our wounded veterans. That’s how long Honored American Veterans Afield has been serving the men and women who have served all of us. The first HAVA Family Range Day was in San Antonio. For the 10 Anniversary, the organization returns with another Family Range Day even bigger than before.



37-02-7Honored American Veterans Afield is an organization with a noble mission: getting disabled veterans out of the house on hunting trips, or to spend time at the range enjoying the shooting sports. HAVA is supported by a wide group of shooting industry companies contributing time, guns and money to the effort.



Savage AccuFit Rifles

37-02-13The number one variable in making an accurate shot with a rifle is fitment. Length of pull and cheek-weld directly affect the shooter’s position behind the optic. And no two shooters are exactly the same dimensionally. This means one shooter could pick up a rifle and be close enough to make it work, while another has to creep up the stock to get a good sight picture. Savage has solved that problem and what they have developed represents the next offering in the Accu-line of rifle enhancements. The Accu-trigger was their first development, a user adjustable rifle trigger, with no creep, that can be tuned to less than a pound if you choose, and remain absolutely safe in the event of a drop thanks to the trigger face safety.



Now the AccuFit stocks allow you to build the fit you need for accurate shooting.  Available on a number of models of the Savage 10 and 110.  Suggested Retail starts at $750

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