The International Revolver Championship


Shooting USA - The International Revolver Championship

It’s wheel guns only in competition at the International Revolver Championship for the competitors who still choose the simplicity and reliability of the classic revolver. It’s speed shooting for time and accuracy while reloading a six shooter or an eight shooter. Plus, the history of the Scout Rifle concept that actually began with the Germans in World War Two. Then, Nashville fills up with Turkey Hunters at the NWTF convention. Plus, the most accurate of the 10mm 1911s, the new Hunter 6-inch from Les Baer Custom. And a final look back in honor of the late Michael Voigt. His Pro Tip on Multi-gun shooting from 2004.

The International Revolver Championship

37-05-1These days, semi-auto duty guns for police and semi-autos for practical shooting competition, have almost entirely replaced the revolver. But not quite. There are still sport shooters who prefer the simplicity of the revolver. And for them the organization is ICORE the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts. Hosting their biggest match of the year the International Revolver Championship.


37-05-2In ICORE competition your time in seconds is your score, and accurate shooting protects that score from penalties in the form of added seconds. The NRA Tombstone target scores like this. Hits on the outer area are called C or Charlie and add two second, the first ring in is called B or Baker, hits here add one second. The next ring in is the A or Alpha, hits here add no time, and on designated stages the center X ring actually gives the shooter a one second bonus, subtracting time. Like in golf, the low score wins.


37-05-4The competition is divided into divisions, Open and Limited guns are eight shooters, loaded by moon clips. And six-shooters compete separately, with significantly more reloads required for competition on the fourteen stages of fire in the match.




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History’s Guns: Scout Rifle

37-05-6In the early 1980's, firearms guru Jeff Cooper developed a new class of rifle he called the Scout Rifle. Cooper’s concept was a smooth bolt action, with a forward mounted scope. He saw it as quick into action for hunting.  But in fact, the scout rifle concept had already proven itself 40 years earlier in WWII. It was a German design. That is now one of history’s guns.



37-05-7According to Firearms Historian, Garry James, The K98K and the ZF41 scope were made for each other, in more ways than one, and it worked pretty well. If this thing wasn’t working on the battlefield they would have withdrawn it real fast. And they continued making them pretty much right up to the end of the war and issued them in great numbers.


NWTF in Nashville

37-05-12Guns, game, the latest gear and all-around good company that’s one way you could describe the National Wild Turkey Federation’s 42 annual Convention and Sport Show. NWTF is keeping old traditions alive. Building new ones and doing important work to preserve the habitat and the hunt.



37-05-13They do draw a crowd in Nashville. A record 56-thousand turkey trackers just about took over the Opryland Convention Center this year for a long weekend of buying, selling, competing, and checking out what’s new. You want to have your best walking shoes on for this one the show floor alone was over a quarter-million square feet of guns, accessories, hunting equipment and more turkey calling at one time than probably anywhere else in the world. Close to 400 dealers and exhibitors had everything you might need to take down a gobbler.


37-05-15NWTF has a strong and active commitment to conservation, preserving habitat and the outdoors they say save the habitat, save the hunt, for turkey and for other wild species.

National Wild Turkey Federation


Featured Products at The NWTF Show

Savage Model 212 Turkey Gun

Mossberg Model 590-M

Remington 870-DM Predator

Primos Hunting Surround View Blind

Hoppe's Bore Snake Cleaner

Hoppe's Number 9 Cleaner

Pro Tip: Michael Voigt - 3 Guns on Stage

37-05-17No one since Jeff Cooper has done more to grow the sport of Practical Shooting.  Michael Voigt was an international champion, USPSA president, gun designer, and master class trainer. We’re sorry to report Michael lost his battle with cancer this year at the age of 59. We thought it appropriate to bring back Michael from 2004 when he was helping start 3-gun competition with a pro tip on how to shoot a USPSA Multi-Gun stage of fire. Not only teaching, but showing his skill.




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