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Shooting USA - The Brawl

This time, it’s long range shooting on the clock, the challenge for riflemen at the Brawl in Texas. Plus, the John Browning pistol that went to war on the other side. And Colt brings back an icon from Vietnam, the M16A1 Reissue.

The Brawl at Rifles Only in Texas

37-07-3One of the most difficult matches in the precision rifle series is catching the attention of shooters all over the country. Precision Rifle competition might best be explained as long range shooting under duress, much like a combat sniper might experience.  

Rifles Only is not just a great place for this match, it’s primarily a training facility of Jacob Bynum’s design where he works with allied and domestic military units as well as law enforcement agents.  

37-07-1For military and law enforcement units, training for real life situations means training with department issued gear and firearms. In some instances law enforcement and military personnel purchase and use their own equipment on the job.

Match sponsor and co-owner, John Fillman, of  Chambered USA out of Phoenix Arizona knows lives depend on that equipment and says, “Our motto is that there is nothing in our store that we don’t use. Because we have a lot of law enforcement clientele as well, and we have a lot of friends that are law enforcement. I don’t want to see any of those guys on the street using anything that we wouldn’t use to protect our own family.”

37-07-5For all the competitors, the Brawl is a test of both equipment and technique shooting small targets at long range.





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History’s Guns: The Browning Model 1922

I37-07-8n the history of firearms, few names are held in higher esteem than that of American designer John Browning. His model 1911 is widely considered to be his masterpiece. Millions would enter WWII with American GIs. At the same time, another Browning pistol was being manufactured in Europe; but this one was arming the Germans. The Browning Model 1922 is now one of History’s Guns.



Max Michel Experience

37-07-10If you have ever considered getting into practical pistol competition, the whole sport can be pretty intimidating. Well, Max Michel has a four day shooting seminar that will get you up to speed, using the techniques he’s used to become a national and world champion.

Max says, “This is about coming out, getting an all inclusive shoot, enjoying yourself, a fantasy camp feel if you will, but we never lose sight of the fact that it's amazing training.”

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New Products

37-07-13As you know from watching, Jim has a thing for US Service rifles. They’re on the wall, representing the US Arsenal from the late 1800s, through both world wars, and Korea. And now Vietnam. The AR-15 M16A1 Reissue from Colt is almost exactly what they made in 1967, brought back as a collectible, at a suggested retail of 2500.

AR-15 M16A1 Reissue from Colt

Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Speed on Target


In timed shooting on targets, it’s the little things that make the difference in winning and not winning. Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter, Julie Golob shows you how to perfect your moves to get quickly to the targets.





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