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Its five steel targets for a test of speed and accuracy at the US Steel Nationals. Plus, Comp-Tac at the range sponsoring the Texas State Championship. And the Dick Special is one of History’s Guns.


Steel Nationals

37-09-1Its one part plinking and one part fast draw, with the accuracy test of five steel targets. It’s the challenge everybody understands and that’s bringing more and more people into the sport. In the case of the US Steel Nationals, it’s a record number of shooters in divisions for all kinds of guns.




37-09-2There are divisions in steel shooting for almost any hand gun out there, and many of the top shooters compete in multiple divisions throughout the weekend. Names like Harrison, Eusebio, Michel, Norris, Sevigny and Coley are all threats to win the overall title with their open guns. And they will also battle for divisional titles with other platforms.




Shooting steel competition is all about the speed, and the fastest guns in the match are the open guns, regularly drawing to five shot strings of fire in well under two seconds. This is hand gun drag racing!




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History’s Guns: Colt Detective Special



It's a big chunk of steel that became the working choice on both sides of the law in the 30’s and 40’s. It’s the six shot Colt Detective Special that got the nick name the Dick Special.



Comp-Tac IDPA Texas Championship 2018

37-09-8International Defensive Pistol Competition is all about every day carry skills, keeping it concealed until you need to stop the threat. That’s a test of both skill and equipment for the number one holster company in IDPA competition.

The Comp Tac holster business has been built on IDPA competition.  It’s racing as development testing for everyday concealed carry. Over the years the mission has grown to supply all the sport requires, including special solutions to bring everybody out to the range.



Pistols drawn from Comp-Tac holsters punching holes in Comp-Tac targets. Happens all the time in IDPA. More than half the competitors in this sport strap on Comp-Tac Kydex holsters and mag pouches. And now company targets are number one, too.






And when time comes to tape up the bullet holes, Comp-Tac is right on the spot including the top managers of the company.




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