USPSA Multigun Nationals 2018



Shooting USA - USPSA Multigun Nationals 2018

The USPSA Multigun Nationals challenges the best shooters while the desert challenges their gear. Plus, the last bolt rifle in WWII. And, Mr. Flintlock is back for an Impossible Shot.


USPSA Multigun Nationals

37-11-1Multigun is racing for speed and accuracy with pistol, rifle and shotgun.  For the United States Practical Shooting Association, it is impossible not to see the similarity to combat. And the selection of the Nevada desert as the location for the National Championships makes this both a test for the best shooters in the sport, and a test of their equipment in the dust and wind outside Las Vegas.


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History’s Guns: MAS 36

37-11-5After WWI, the French developed a new modern cartridge that then needed a new rifle to chamber it. It would come from Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Etienne. Which was quickly shortened to the Acronym MAS. Adopted in 1936, the MAS 36 is now one of History’s Guns.




37-11-9Rainier Arms is a high-end retailer and manufacturer out of Auburn, Washington, near Seattle. And TriggerCon is their annual mini-SHOT Show with their suppliers greeting the public for some show and tell. The event started as a gathering of vendors in their warehouse parking lot, but in five years it has grown to fill the local Convention center. John Scoutten and Tony Pignato adopted our SHOT Show run and report style to show us what they found new and interesting.


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Polymer 80 Glock Frames

JP Enterprises Fire Control Trigger System

Facor Defense

Tactical Taylor

Full Conceal M3D Folding Pistol

S3F Solutions Glock Barrels

Ballistic Advantage .224 Valkerie Barrels

F1 Firearms PCC

OR Tactical

Master Of Arms ENYO Rifle

STI Tactical 9mm

Veterans Manufacturing Ballistic Seat Panel

Adaptive Tactical Mossberg 590M Magazines

Grey Ghost Precision-Combat Pistol

Pro Tip: K&M Shannon Kay

37-11-12Tracking or Trapping those are your choices in shooting long range movers in rifle competition. K&M Chief Instructor, Shannon Kay tells which he prefers and why.




Impossible Shots: Mr. Flintlock

37-11-10There has always been a bit of competition between our exhibition shooters and that’s what has inspired Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton. He’s got a pair of dueling pistols to show Byron Ferguson his version of a balloon shot.






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