Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge



Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge

The Army hosts 3-Gun Competition at the Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge. Then it’s the forgotten rifle of World War One that armed more dough-boys than any other. The Model of 1917 is one of History’s Guns. Plus, speed shooting family fun at the Rimfire Challenge World Championships, shooting steel with the world’s most popular cartridge. John and JP complete an accuracy build for an AR. And Julie Golob teaches the right grip for your pistol to increase speed and accuracy.

Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge

38-03-1The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning, Georgia hosts one of the toughest and most challenging multi-gun matches. This year, the challenges do not disappoint.

Multi-gun competition tests a combination of the shooter’s skills with rifle, pistol and shotgun, shooting through a stage of fire for speed and accuracy One gun, or all three may be required to successfully complete a course of fire.

38-03-5The Fort Benning Challenge is the one event of the year when the members of the USAMU Action Shooting Team are the hosts for civilians competing in the sport. The match quickly fills to capacity with top ranked Pros, and those shooting their best while enjoying the unique challenges the Team creates.

In total, several hundred shooters travel to Columbus, Georgia to compete. Some shoot hoping to win, some who shoot for fun and a few who find the shooting sports to be healthy therapy.

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History's Guns

38-03-7When you think of the American soldier of WWI, you’ll likely picture his wool uniform, Pie tin helmet, and of course, his ’03 Springfield rifle. But despite that popular image, the average Doughboy was far more likely to be issued a different rifle. One that was produced in far greater numbers than the more famous ’03. The U.S. Model of 1917 is now one of History’s Guns.



Rimfire Challenge World Championship

38-03-16The popular .22 caliber rimfire cartridge is a great way to introduce new shooters to sport shooting. And The Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association, dedicated to growing the rimfire sports, does just that by hosting competitions around the country, with their biggest event of the year – the Rimfire Challenge World Championship.



38-03-17Shooters compete on 16 stages – eight for rifle – eight for pistol – and all of them with a purpose. To create a fun and affordable challenge drawing new shooters into the sport. It’s the fun of speed shooting steel targets set in different positions for each stage and changing with each match.  So the competitors won’t know the specific match challenges until they arrive to shoot.

For each stage of fire, competitors shoot five strings, with the quickest four runs kept as their score in seconds. At the top of the leader board those times can be very fast. But the overall emphasis of the Rimfire Challenge event is on safe, family friendly sport shooting for all ages.

More Info on Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association


JP Enterprises LRP Rifle Build

38-03-10John Paul, from JP Enterprises, is with us to continue the LRP-07 build-up. The LRP is a large format precision, semi-automatic, chassis system. The first time you saw it, it got all the back end parts put together. Today, it’s the business end, the barrel, gas block, and compensator.



38-03-13John Paul Explains the package:  “The barrel is 416R Stainless. It’s a 1 in 8 twist, that’s going to stabilize those 140 class, really high BC bullets for you. It has a thermal dissipater here, a heat sync actually. Not only gives greater rigidity than a traditional bull barrel, but seven times the surface area where the heat is actually generated in the barrel, which is right in front of the throat area. It’s got the adjustable gas system. You’ll notice, we’ve got a compensator. A lot of people think it’s actually part of the barrel, but it is threaded on and is removable. But you can’t see the gap because it’s a perfectly blended comp. it’s kind of a signature cosmetic look for us. So, all in all, just a tremendous barrel, that is going to really bring this rifle up to the epitome of performance.”


LRP07 Info from JP Rifles

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Pro Tip: Julie Golob – Getting the Grip

38-03-15These days you can adjust your pistol to fit your hand, and that’s one factor in being able to shoot accurately. But, building the right grip is the most important factor. Smith and Wesson Pro shooter Julie Golob shows you how.








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