College Clays Championship



College Clays Championship

900 of the best college athletes meet on the ranges at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio for the Association of College Unions International Clay Target Championships. They’re shooting for national titles in skeet, trap, and sporting clays. Then it’s the .22 autoloader adopted by the U. S. Army during World War Two that’s now one of History’s Guns. Plus, EO Tech introduces magnified optics for longer range shooting. The new name is Vudu. Union Sportsmen invite the next generation into the outdoors. And, Julie Golob shows us how get your defensive handgun into action when you’re not carrying.


College Clays Championship

38-05-1We all know the big names in college sports. But there are some college powers you may not have heard of, Lindenwood, Schreiner, and Martin Methodist. Those are just the top teams in college clay varsity sports. They’re all on the fields of the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio for the Association of College Unions International Championships. 900 of the best college athletes are shooting for national titles in skeet, trap, and sporting clays.


38-05-3The Competition is sanctioned by ACUI, the Association of College Unions International a group aiming to build school spirit on campus.

Competition at Nationals is mostly about team. Individuals can win trophies, but team championships are the most coveted titles. Colleges compete in four divisions based on the size of their clay target team, not on the size of their school. So football powerhouse Auburn University, with 28-thousand students, competes in the lowest division, D4. Auburn has just seven shooters.


38-05-4Some of the teams shoot as college club sports. Others compete as full varsity sports and can letter to show their affiliation. And for the best in the sport ACUI competition can lead to international competition with USA Shooting, the national team shooting their way to the Olympics.



Association of College Unions International


History's Guns - The High Standard

38-05-6Rimfire shooting. It’s easy on recoil and inexpensive to shoot. And that was the thought during the build up to WWII when many recruits joining the service had little firearms experience. The Army found the answer in the civilian market. The High Standard .22 Model B pistol is now one of History’s Guns.



Union First Shots

38-05-13The Union Sportsman Alliance has been working to support the traditions of shooting, hunting, fishing with a number of projects in the Midwest. Many of the activities have been in Michigan because of the auto plants that employ the members of the AFL-CIO. But the Alliance is spreading with the development of newer plants in the south, like the GM Plant in Springhill, Tennessee. Where Union Local 1853 hosted a Get Youth Outdoors, First Shots program.


38-05-14The kids are elementary and middle school age, some are first timers, others have shot before, but they are all sampling a range of outdoor activities from shooting, to fishing, to archery.

A majority of union members hunt and fish and shoot, so they have a natural passion for the outdoors and they’re willing to share their experience and their skills with the next generation to pass on participation in the outdoor sports.



Union Sportsmen

VuDu Scopes

38-05-10The name EO Tech means non-magnified holographic aiming systems, they’ve been doing it for so long even non-shooters know the name. When a company with that track record develops magnified optics, you can be sure that the end result will push current technology to new levels.

John Scoutten reports on the new products and the marketing effort to launch the new line named VuDu.



Pro Tip: Julie Golob – Gun Pick-ups

38-05-16In competition, or for personal defense, your firearm may need to be retrieved quickly when you’re not packing. S&W Pro, Julie Golob has a pro tip on the best way to do that quickly and safely.







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