College Bunker Trap



College Bunker Trap

America’s Best College Shooters compete in the world’s version of Trap, with the winners moving up to the US Olympics Team. Then, the Japanese Nambu is one of History’s Guns. Plus, match coverage of the USPSA Factory Gun Nationals that proves the quality of the guns you can buy. Then two new factory Colts you can buy, The King Cobra in .357, and the Cobra Carry. And Colt Pro Shooter Mark Redl has a combo practice drill to improve your speed and accuracy.


College Bunker Trap

38-07-1American Trap Shooting is hugely popular in the USA, with thousands competing at hundreds of clubs across the country. But the world disagrees on what Trap Shooting should be. For the World Cup competition, and the Olympic, the game is called International, or Bunker Trap. And that’s the challenge the best College shooters are taking on with thoughts of the Olympics in their future.


38-07-634 competitors, from 16 colleges are contesting the top titles in the ACUI International Trap Shootout.  The top finishes will be awarded a training slot on the USA Shooting Junior Olympics team, if they’re up to the challenge of clays streaking at 60 miles per hour and a wide variety of directions.  And the clays are tougher, harder to break. 



38-07-5The shoot off in San Antonio is part of a partnership between ACUI, Association of College Unions, and USA Shooting to help discover America’s top talent for international competition in the future.





ACUI - Clay Targets


History's Guns - Nambu Type 94

38-07-2To the victor belongs the fame. There’s no question you know John Browning’s 1911 Government Model that was indispensable in WWII and has continued to become the most produced handgun design of all time. Less remembered was the enemy pistol designed halfway around the world that would be the Japanese side arm of WWII. Designed by a General in the years before the war, the Nambu Type 94 is now one of History’s Guns.


USPSA Factory Division

38-07-4The USPSA’s Factory Division includes all stock semi-auto pistols. To compete in this division, the gun must be exactly as available from the manufacturer. That means no modifications like  extended magazines, mag-wells, or optics. The Production Division of the Factory Gun Nationals prove the quality of the guns you can buy. The vast majority of the guns shooting in the Factory Division are chambered in 9mm, with a 10 round magazine capacity limit. So we do see a number of mag changes on some of the high target point field courses of fire.


38-07-9The USPSA’s Factory Gun Nationals also includes the Single Stack Division, 1911 designs that recall the origin of practical shooting when it was created by the late Col. Jeff Cooper. The chamberings for Single Stack can be 9mm or 45 ACP.   






Colt King Cobras

King Cobra - King Cobra Carry

38-07-12Two new wheel guns from Colt, both with the name King Cobra. The King Cobra designation means .357 magnum, or you can run thirty-eight special to tame it down a bit. Either way you have six shots in the clock-wise rotating cylinder. The colt traditional cylinder release pulls back with your thumb.  The frame and cylinder are stainless steel with a brushed finish. The overall weight is right at two pounds. The weight along with the Hogue over-molded finger groove grip makes the King Cobra manageable with .357 ammo. 


Choose the King Cobra with three inch barrel or the King Cobra Carry with two inch barrel and bobbed hammer for concealed carry.

Suggested Retail for each model, $899.




3D Stage Builder

38-07-13True-to-life scale models of everything needed to create and prove out practical shooting courses of fire, in three dimensions. Then photograph and share with the build team, to construct the design on the range. 




Pro Tip: Mark Redl and his BFM Drill

38-07-3Colt Pro Shooter Mark Redl has combined three classic training drills into one he calls the BFM Drill. You can shoot it at any range without needing to draw. It’s his combination of Bill, Faster, and Mozambique all in one.







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