Steel Challenge 2019



The 2019 Steel Challenge

It’s drag racing with guns at the USPSA’s classic Steel Challenge.  How fast can you draw and shoot five steel targets? The answer keeps getting faster and faster with new world records set each year.  Plus, the story of the historic Colt-Peacemaker, the chamberings and the values of the first generation of the gun that won the west. Then an American success story as Armageddon Gear meets the needs of Military, LE and Competition Shooters. And Hornady explains their revolutionary technology in their new match grade A-Max bullets.


The Steel Challenge

38-08-1It’s a question we have asked many times before, how fast can you stand and shoot five steel targets? Do it five times and keep your best four times for score. That’s the simple format for Steel Challenge competition. It’s been called drag racing with guns and it’s been around for more than 30 years. 

Like any sport, in 30 years there have been changes. In the case of steel shooting, it's an ongoing evolution that follows racing gun technology. The first major shift came with the advent of the red dot optic. The next big movement would be the Rim Fire Pistol Divisions and the low ready start. Then came the Rim Fire Rifle Divisions. And later, the Pistol Caliber Carbines. 


38-08-3All of the changes and additions have been in search of faster speed and quicker national record scores. With the expanding number of divisions, Under the guidance of the USPSA, Steel Challenge continues to grow both at the local club level and at the annual world championship.




Steel Challenge


History's Guns - The Peacemaker

38-08-4In 146 years of nearly continuous production it has become an American Icon. If any firearm can be said to represent our history and our culture it would be the Single Action Army that’s now one of History’s guns. We have heard the history and learned the lore. The romance of the cowboys, heroes of the West.  The stories of the lawmen and the tales of the lawless. And one thing their legends all have in common, The Peacemaker, The Single Action Colt .45.



Armageddon Gear

38-08-8When you think of the American dream, the entrepreneurial spirit is the backbone of it. Add to that the pit-bull like tenacity ingrained in every US Army Ranger and you have Retired Sergeant Major Tom Fuller. The man behind Armageddon Gear, his sole proprietor company operating out of  Buena Vista, Georgia, With his 22 year Military career behind him, Tom Fuller is creating and selling what he knows, shooting gear.


38-08-9He says, “I have always been entrepreneurially minded, I have always wanted to do my own thing. I remember guys asking me when I was in the Army, what are you going to do when you get out. I always said I don’t know, but I am going to work for myself.”

And he is, supplying both the US Military and Competitive Long Range Shooters. 

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Hornady A-Tip Match

38-08-12Precision Rifle Shooters know accuracy comes from loading rounds that are as close to identical as possible. And what’s possible has now taken a major step forward with Hornady’s A-Tip bullets, packaged in the exact order they came from the press dies. That, and the new bullet design, is already winning in long range matches. We’ve got the experts from Hornady to explain what they’ve achieved introducing A-Tip Match.

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Pro Tip: Mark Redl - Movement on the Draw

38-08-14In competition or personal defense, you don’t just draw and stand there shooting. You draw while moving. That’s a skill worth practicing and Colt Pro Shooter Mark Redl shows us how.






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