FASTER in the School



FASTER in the School 

We’re taking you inside the training program that has qualified more than 1,500 Ohio Teachers to carry every day in their schools. It’s a comprehensive training program with a final exam using air soft guns in a local high school. Chris Cerino is the primary instructor teaching techniques that enable a Good Guy Teacher to stop a bad guy with a gun. Plus the M-1 Carbine is now one of History’s Guns, Then John attends the USPSA Range Officer Academy to report on the training required to conduct a match. And Mark Redl demonstrates Tactical Reloads for speed in competition and personal defense.


FASTER in the School 

38-10-1There are now more than 1500 Ohio teachers and administrators certified and carrying every day. The certification course goes way beyond a typical concealed carry class. It’s called FASTER and it’s taught by Law Enforcement Officer and Instructor Chris Cerino, using language that may have you thinking of boot camp. 

We’re taking you inside the training program called FASTER, the acronym for Faculty Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. It’s a non-profit program in the state of Ohio preparing teachers, administrators and school personnel to stop a killer in their schools. And to help victims and first responders once the shooting stops.

38-10-4The FASTER course of instruction was originally developed by the Tactical Defense Institute in Southern Ohio. Chris Cerino teaches in Northern Ohio to cut down the travel time and costs. And most of the cost of the course and hotel rooms is paid for by the Buckeye Firearms Association. The idea is to make it as easy and affordable as possible for a motivated teacher to attend the course and qualify for carry in their Ohio school.  


The FASTER Website

Buckeye Firearms Association

Cerino Training Group


History's Guns

38-10-7At the start of WWII there were two choices either the M-1 Garand at 9 and a half pounds, or the1911 that was being issued to mortar-men and cooks and drivers. Something else was needed, and that turned out to be the Caliber 30 M1 Carbine that’s now one of History’s Guns.




38-10-10The USPSA is recruiting new Range Officers. Previously, training RO’s was done at a local level, but with the creation of a new regional format, they’re able to provide cost effective and quality training across the country. We were invited to participate in the first Regional Academy held at the CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park.  

Students spend the first day of the NROI Regional Academy navigating the electronic rulebook, learning procedures, range commands and features of the timer. On day two, it’s time to apply those skills in a live fire match scenario.

USPSA Range Officer Information


Smith and Wesson Model 648 Chambered in .22 WMR

38-10-12The Smith and Wesson Model 648 is a K frame with a six inch barrel and has a full length under-lug for balance. The front sight is a black Patridge design, that gives the shooter a hard edge sight picture. The rear sight is a square notch and is adjustable. Construction is all stainless steel and weighs three pounds unloaded. That’s hefty. Also hefty, the trigger pull. In double action this example clicks at 12 pounds. In single action it’s four pounds, but with good reason. It takes a solid lick from the hammer to crush the rim on rimfire ammunition. Suggested Retail for accurate magnum rimfire power - $749

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Product: Volquartsen Scorpion Limited in .22 Long Rifle

38-10-13The Limited designation gets you a six-inch stainless-steel barrel inside this CNC machined shroud. The Hi-Viz front sight and fully adjustable rear sight are included, as is the integral Picatinny rail should you decide to mount an optic. The lower receiver is the Volquartsen VC and standard features are an extended bolt release, an extended safety, and extended magazine release. The target trigger is also CNC machined, has an adjustable over travel, and is tuned from the factory at two and a quarter pounds. Accuracy, reliability and speed are what you get with any Volquartsen. The Scorpion Limited Suggested Retail - $1,290

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Revolution Target by Pendleton   

38-11-7The Revolution Portable Long Range Torso Target.  This is one of their most popular designs. The 10-inch center section reacts when hit and shows the red hit indicator. The whole target system is built from AR500 steel and rated for most popular long range rifle calibers. It's great fun for long guns and for hand guns at closer distances. The Revolution by Pendleton Portable Long Range Torso Frame Target is $680 ordered on-line and shipped factory direct.

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Pro Tip - Mark Redl on Tactical Reloads

38-10-15The Tactical Reload is a reload with retention of the magazine with additional rounds. There are a couple reasons that you should learn and master this skill. Number one, for concealed carry holders it's very important because when you leave your house, the ammunition you have on your body is all you have. You might need that mag that you put in your pocket and saved, For competition shooters in IDPA matches, this is a valuable technique to learn in order to win matches.



John Scoutten Legends Legacy Award Recipient

38-10-8The Board of Directors of Garry Mason’s Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame selected John Scoutten for the 2019 Legacy Award. The Legacy Award recognizes significant achievement by generational family members who achieve distinction in continuing the family business.

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