Bianchi Cup 2019



Bianchi Cup 2019 

The Bianchi Cup is still the most prestigious pistol match in the world with top competitors shooting a perfect match and the Cup awarded on X-Count. Plus, the story of the Historic ’03 Springfield that armed Doughboys and carried on as the Sniper Rifle of WW-II.  Then, Colt recalls the SOG Operators of Vietnam with the Granddaddy of the M-4, the historic XM177A2 Reissue. John tests the firepower of the Smith & Wesson 610 Revolvers, chambered in 10mm. And John Paul demonstrates Truing Your Scope, the basis of long-range accuracy.


Bianchi Cup 2019

38-11-1When someone mentions the Barricades, the Practical, the Falling Plates and the Mover, shooters from around the world know the match. It’s the NRA Action Shooting World Championship, better known by the winner’s award, the Bianchi Cup. 

The match was originally created by former LA Police Officer and Holster Maker, John Bianchi. In the first years it was for Law Enforcement only until the NRA took over management of the event and opened entries to civilians. In recent years, competitors come from around the world to the Green Valley Ranges outside Columbia, Missouri. 

38-11-2And since the late 1980s the match requires a clean score to claim the cup, all 192 shots in the 10 ring, and the winner determined on X-count, shots inside the 4 inch center X-ring.

This time, you’ll see the top contenders going head-to-head for all of their 192 shots for record, down to the decision made by their final shots on the Mover.


More Information from the NRA Competition Division

History's Guns - The ’03 Springfield

38-11-5When collectors consider service rifles that have left a mark in American military history, few attract more attention than the ‘03, even though a different bolt action rifle armed more Doughboys in WWI. While part of the design was initially licensed from Germany, the accuracy and quality and service life have clearly made the ’03 Springfield one of History’s Guns.


Colt CAR-15

38-11-6Colt is continuing their Vietnam era re-issue program, now with the CAR-15. That’s thought to mean Carbine 15, and this is the great granddaddy of today’s M-4 Carbine issued to most of our troops. But CAR-15 actually means Colt Auto Rifle. The Model is marked on the receiver. In US Army nomenclature.  It’s the XM-177-E2, the second version of the carbine that equipped Special Forces operators patrolling deep into the jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

More Information from Colt


Smith and Wesson M&P Sport II

38-11-9It's the S&W M&P Sport II with factory mounted Crimson Trace CTS-103 non-magnified red dot optic. It’s a ready-to-run, out-of-the-box combo that you’ll be hard pressed to find at a better deal.  The Sport II has a 16 Inch barrel with has six grooves of one-in-nine right hand rifling; there is a gas block with integrated Picatinny rail for easy mounting of accessories. Suggested Retail for Sport II and CT Red Dot -  $760

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S&W Model 610s in 10MM

38-11-8The Smith and Wesson Model 610s are back and now chambered in 10mm. The Model 610 is a N frame, all stainless-steel construction, in a choice of barrel length - four inch, or six-and-a-half-inch. That stainless steel construction means you will have some weight in your hands, the four inch is a little over two-and-a-half pounds unloaded. The 610s ship with three, six-position moon clips to hold rimless 10 mm or .40 Smith & Wesson.  Suggested retail is $969

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Revolution Target by Pendleton   

38-11-7The Revolution Portable Long Range Torso Target.  This is one of their most popular designs. The 10-inch center section reacts when hit and shows the red hit indicator. The whole target system is built from AR500 steel and rated for most popular long range rifle calibers. It's great fun for long guns and for hand guns at closer distances. The Revolution by Pendleton Portable Long Range Torso Frame Target is $680 ordered on-line and shipped factory direct.

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Pro Tip - Truing Your Scope

38-11-10John Paul from JP Enterprises shows us his method of truing a rifle scope. Long range precision shooting is a complex art form. If you’re going to be successful you need to lay down a solid  foundation. One of those basic foundation blocks is making sure that your scope is true to the rifle.







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