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Shooting USA - CMP National Trophy Match

38-14-1The National Trophy Match at Camp Perry is the most valuable of the Civilian Marksmanship Program events, awarding points toward the Distinguished Rifleman badge. The chase for points to become Distinguished can take years as a life-time goal. That’s the draw that brings a thousand shooters to the firing lines at ranges out to 600 yards. Plus, the Browning 1919 was the lighter machinegun that fought through WW-II, Korea, and into Vietnam. The 1919 is now historic full-auto fire in 30-06. Then it’s Cops only at the NRA Police Championships so we sent our Cop, Chris Cerino, to both report and compete. And John lays out the evolution of the M&P Shields that are now carried by more than 3,000,000 Americans.

National Trophy Individual Match

38-14-5For six weeks each summer Camp Perry, Ohio is home to The National Matches, America’s shooting championships for service rifle and pistol. The Matches began in 1903 by an act of Congress with the strong support of President Theodore Roosevelt. TR believed Americans needed to master their skills in marksmanship to be ready for service in time of war. The Civilian Marksmanship Program continues in that mission 116 years after, sponsoring matches across the country. The most prestigious match is held on the shore of Lake Erie, The National Trophy Individual Rifle Competition.

38-14-2990 shooters assemble on the firing lines for the challenges, with the winner’s name to be engraved on the prestigious Daniel Boone Trophy.

There are four stages of fire - 50 shots total.

Stage One is standing at 200 yards - ten shots - slow fire - in ten minutes.

Stage Two shooters drop to sitting - ten shots rapid fire - in one minute.

Next is 300 yards - dropping to prone - ten shots in 70 seconds.

Last Stage 600 yards - 20 shots prone in 20 minutes.

No sighters, practice shots, are allowed, as the wind at Camp Perry increases the challenge. 

The National Trophy Individual Match is the most important event in a series of matches called Excellence in Competition. E-I-C matches award shooters points that can earn the CMP’s Distinguished Rifleman Badge, one of shooting’s most coveted awards.

More Information from the CMP Website


History's Guns -  Browning Model of 1919

38-14-8The water-cooled Browning Machinegun of 1917 was the crew served firepower of the First World War, but it was heavy.  It really only worked in fixed position firing, but warfare was changing. The military needed mobile firepower. And that would be the second Browning solution, the air-cooled Model of 1919 that would fight through all our wars, including Vietnam. The Browning 1919 is now one of History’s Guns.


NRA National Police Shooting Championships

38-14-11It’s the annual series of matches sponsored by the NRA Law Enforcement Division, this year in a new location, The Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Academy near Jackson, Mississippi. Current and former Law Enforcement men women put their shooting skills to the test in championship competition. The three day championship includes open class and production semi-auto pistols, open class and stock service revolvers. Other matches include duty rifle, shotgun, and off duty sidearm. Most of the matches simulate Police Qualification Shooting required by most departments. So the events provide both training and competition.

For the pistol matches, nearly 100 officers take to the line in multiple timed relays, with each relay increasing in distance. Seven yards, then 15, then 25, and out to 50 yards. The requirements include standing off-hand, standing using cover, strong hand and weak hand; all the way out to 50 yards. We sent Officer Chris Cerino  to report the action and shoot in the competition.                       

More Information from the NRA Law Enforcement Division  


S&W M&P Shields - America’s Most Popular Carry Gun

38-14-13The Shield would begin in 2012 as the compact 9mm carry solution in a busy commercial market. But in seven years of enhancements and second generation evolution, by both Smith & Wesson and the Performance Center; the Shield variations have become America’s best-selling self-defense pistol, with well over 3,000,000 sold. 

John runs through the evolution and the current options, including the newest release - the M&P Shield 2.0 EZ in .380.

Smith & Wesson Website for All Shield Options


The Shield Introduction Video from 2012




Pro Tip - JP on Choosing a Reticle

38-14-14In long range shooting, your choice in optics is just as important as your rifle. But it’s not just the quality of the glass, it’s the choice of reticule that can make you the master of the range. John Paul of JP Enterprises shows us the choices.








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