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Shooting USA - USPSA Limited and Carry Optics

Two of the most popular USPSA Divisions are the Limited, with iron sights; and the newer Carry Optics Division, using mini-red dot sights designed for concealed carry. It’s an exciting pairing on the same stages of fire for the Nationals in Utah.  Plus the Russian RPD light machinegun that was designed to defeat the Nazis, but quickly became the choice of America’s Enemies around the globe. And the CMP promotes marksmanship bringing hundreds of juniors to the firing lines at Camp Perry.


USPSA Limited and Carry Optics

38-15-1The USPSA currently has eight divisions of competition divided by gun type. Two of the most popular are the Limited Division and the new Carry Optics Division. There is one key similarity between the two, magazine capacity - whatever will fit  in 141 mm top to bottom. But there are two key differences -.40 caliber and major power factor for Limited, nine millimeter and minor power factor for Carry Optics. That sets up different scoring on the same stages of fire to produce exciting action in contending the National Titles in Utah.



The Limited and Carry Optics competition are shot over three days, on 21 stages of fire and that is significant. Three days give Mother Nature the opportunity to change the conditions on the range and this time she did just that. 




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History's Guns

38-15-7In the 1940s, as the Germans demonstrated fast moving blitzkrieg attacks, other countries began a push to develop light machineguns that would be more maneuverable on the battlefield. In Russia that would be the RPD. Equipped with a bipod, one man was capable of laying down suppressive fire and then quickly moving to support advancing infantry. The RPD would ultimately arm more than 60 countries, including the North Vietnamese. The enemy’s RPD is now one of History’s Guns.


Camp Perry Juniors

38-15-8Congress wrote the order in 1903, to teach and promote marksmanship. More than 100 years later, the CMP continues that effort with emphasis on developing Juniors.  The biggest event of the year is the National Trophy Junior Team Match on the ranges at Camp Perry.

People think of it as the Super Bowl of shooting. Nowhere else can you find up to 300 kids shooting High Power. They are the cream of the crop, the top shooters, competing to win and have their name inscribed on the Freedom’s Fire Trophy.

CMP Info on Camp Perry National Matches 


The Canik TP-9 SF Elite Combat and Elite Combat Executive

38-15-14The TP-9 SF Elite Combat was named the 2019 handgun of the year and this is its cousin. This is the Elite Combat Executive. And both are packed with features, everything from their flat faced aluminum triggers, to their interchangeable slide plates for mounting optic sights, back straps for different hand sizes, and interchangeable mag release buttons for right or left hand shooters. Both versions ship with a threaded barrel for suppressor or compensator. Both are fully loaded with preferred enhancements direct from the factory. 

TP9 Elite Combat -  Suggested Retail $850

Elite Combat Executive -  Suggested Retail $750


Pro Tip - JP on Trigger Control

38-15-15One of the secrets of precision shooting is the marriage between trigger control and the shooter’s interface on the rifle. John Paul of JP Enterprises shows his technique for good trigger control that is one of the foundation blocks of precision shooting.







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