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Shooting USA - Shooting USA - The Armageddon Gear AG Cup 

I39-01-03t's a special edition of Shooting USA, a full hour devoted to the inaugural Armageddon Gear AG Cup. Twenty of the best precision rifle marksmen have been invited to the Arena Training Facility for a two-day event to find out who is the best. There’s a total of forty-one thousand dollars in prize money at stake, with the overall match winner guaranteed twenty thousand in cash!



Armageddon Gear AG Cup 

39-01-01John Scoutten and Armageddon Gear's Tom Fuller report the action and the prize money awards, as the Armageddon Gear AG Cup challenges 20 National Level Competitors. It’s the rifleman’s battle for the Grand Prize of $20,000 awarded for the best overall score, based on accuracy and time, and an additional $1,000 for each stage high score.




Watch as the competitors adapt to challenging stage set-ups and weather conditions. This Precision Rifleman's challenge of 20 stages of fire at the Armageddon Gear AG Cup is not one to miss, when a single miss can cost big money on the firing line.


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Arena Training Facility 


Side Match with the TN Twister Target

39-01-02$500 would go to the fastest competitor to clear all five plates off the Innovative Rotating Target (IRT). The IRT System is a modular unit that offers multiple target presentations. The TN Twister and TN Revolver attachments are interchangeable and bolt onto the IRT Head. Each system comes with an IRT Head assembly and Stand.

All materials on the TN Twister are made from 3/8" thick American AR500 steel, which is rated for pistol, birdshot, and pistol carbine at the proper distances. MSRP $725

Innovative Targets





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