The Rimfire Challenge World Championships



Shooting USA – The Rimfire Challenge World Championships

39-05-5It’s the fastest organized form of plinking with .22 Rimfire, shooting steel plates for time. And once again the youngsters turn out to be the fast ones in the Rimfire Challenge World Championships. Plus, we’re presenting many of the new products that were to be announced at the NRA Annual Meeting and Show. John Scoutten won the coin toss so he’s at our private range for shooting tests of new guns. Jim Scoutten is social distancing in the gun room with more new products that you were supposed to see in person in Nashville before the NRA event was canceled.  


The Rimfire Challenge World Championships

39-05-4The Rimfire Challenge draws 250 competitors to Arkansas’ Old Fort Gun Club to shoot both pistols and rifles chambered in the world’s most popular caliber, .22 Long Rifle. The competition is similar to the Steel Challenge, but was created to be family friendly in rimfire only at matches across the country. And the steel target set up is different each time, with competitors only knowing how many targets to shoot, and in what order, when they step to the shooting box.

This World Championship has 16 stages – eight for pistol, eight for rifle. Competitors must shoot both, and it’s all about speed, measured by shot timers to the hundredth of a second.

39-05-6On each stage of fire, shooters engage five-to-seven targets, in five separate strings of fire, scoring the best four times for record. The top competitors will bring quick reactions and reliable firearms to the challenge to contest the titles in Open and Limited divisions, with and without red-dot optics.


Rimfire Challenge Website


NRA Annual Meeting New Products

We’ve collected many of the New Products you would have seen at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, the convention cancelled by the spread of the Corona Virus. Jim and John Scoutten are Social Distanced, with Jim in the Gun Room and John at the range to show you what you were going to see and experience at the NRA product Show.  



SUSA 3905 Products_02sm

M&P 9 Shield EZ

SUSA 3905 Products_03sm

Rebel Holster



SUSA 3905 Products_04sm

 Compass II

SUSA 3905 Products_06sm

 CSA-1309 Rifle Scope




 Precision Hunter Ammunition

SUSA 3905 Products_09sm

 American Handgunner 1911



SUSA 3905 Products_11sm

 Firecraft FC3.5 Pro

SUSA 3905 Products_12sm



 Taylor Freelance

SUSA 3905 Products_13sm

 Drako NAK9X

SUSA 3905 Products_14sm

 Fattie Mag Well

 Taylor Freelance

 Taylor Freelance

SUSA 3905 Products_15sm

 Goliath Plus 20 Mag-Extension

SUSA 3905 Products_16sm

 Goliath XL Plus 30 Mag-Extension



SUSA 3905 Products_18sm


SUSA 3905 Products_19sm

 Scalloped Buffer Tube



SUSA 3905 Products_20sm

Widebody Palm Handguard

SUSA 3905 Products_21sm


 Armageddon Gear

 JP Precision

SUSA 3905 Products_23sm

Game Changer-shmedium

SUSA 3905 Products_24sm

Law Tactical Silent Captured Spring System


 LWRC International

SUSA 3905 Products_29sm


SUSA 3905 Products_28sm

 SMG 45



SUSA 3905 Products_25sm

SUSA 3905 Products_26sm
 694 12 gauge shotgun



SUSA 3905 Product Segment_05sm

 Ready Vault



Gun Shops Mobbed in High Demand for Guns and Ammo

39-05-2Firearms Dealers across the country are reporting extreme customer demand for guns and ammo, while trying to maintain social distancing of customers.  That’s certainly been true for two stores in the Nashville area – Franklin Gun Shop and Royal Range. Both stores have been seeing first time gun buyers and trying their best to instruct new owners in the basic safety rules for owning a firearm.

Franklin Gun Shop Information

Royal Range Information


Pro Tip: Basic Gun Safety John Scoutten

39-05-7John Scoutten is a Certified Range Officer with extensive teaching experience for new shooters. With a surge in first time gun owners, he reviews the basic safety rules for handling and shooting your first gun.







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