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Shooting USA – USPSA Production Nationals

This time, nothing exotic, just out of the box factory guns shooting for the titles in the USPSA Production Nationals. It’s win on Sunday, sell on Monday competition for the top Pros and their gun company Sponsors. Plus, Turkey Hunters hunt new gear in Nashville at the annual NWTF Convention. Speed Shooting Champ BJ Norris tries for an Impossible Shot in the spirit of Ed McGivern and Jerry Miculek. And, Daisy realizes Ralphie is all grown up.


USPSA Production Nationals

I39-06-2n Practical shooting, just like any type of racing, the question of how fast do you want to go is often answered with how much do you want to spend. But in the USPSA’s Production Division guns that most shooters may already own are competitive, and common to see on the ranges. The best in the world have converged in central Florida to lay claim to the title of Champion at the USPSA’s Production Nationals.

There are pistols that were purchased for less than 500 dollars that are competing in this match; as they came out of the box. At a bare minimum, the guns are very attainable. In just 39-06-7one squad in the first day of the match there were Smith and Wesson M&Ps, Glocks, Springfield XDs, CZs; all kinds of very affordable guns that you can pick up just about anywhere.

All are chambered in 9mm AKA 9X19.  And all are limited to 10 rounds per magazine. So it's shoot, reload, and run on the stages of fire, to score the best hit factor determined by accuracy and speed.



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USPSA Nationals


Multi-Gun Stage Demo

39-06-1When the best shooters in the world break down a course of fire in any division, you can be sure that every advantage will be considered. For the Tactical Division shooters in multi-gun, the advantage will come from their shooting skill with the rifle at long range. But for the Open Division shooters, sometimes there are loopholes in the stage descriptions that even the stage designers didn’t see coming. We'll show you how the best analyzed a stage of three gun fire and found their advantages.

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USPSA Nationals


NWTF 2020

The last convention prior to the virus lock-down was the annual NWTF Turkey Hunters gathering at the Opryland convention center in Nashville. The National Wild Turkey Federation estimates there are about two million turkey hunters in the USA and it seemed all of them came to Nashville this year for the largest convention and sport show in the Turkey Federation’s history!  In fact it was more than 60,000 hunters, friends and family  lined up out the door this year at Nashville’s Opryland Convention Center to see what’s new in the field and maybe improve their chances of bringing a gobbler home.

NWTF Website


NWTF Show New Products:




 Savage Renegauge

SUSA_3906_NWTF_ Stoeger

Stoeger Model 3500




 Retay 12 Gauge Inertia Plus System


Remington Model V3 Turkey Pro




 Tri Star Viper G2 Turkey Gun in 12, 20 & 40


 Mossberg SA 410




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Daisy Red Ryder Adult Size BB Gun 



Ralphie is all grown up and now needs a larger lever cocked BB gun. 

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Patriot Products AZ Combat Sight Tool



The pocket carry tool for most all adjustments you may need in the field.

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Lockdown Puck

39-06-5It's the wireless connecting monitor that lives in your gunsafe and reports conditions to an app on your phone. The puck monitors door opening, vibration, humidity, and temperature to report what's happening to your gun safe. And includes an alarm, if someone unauthorized is meddling with your safe and your guns.

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BJ Norris Tries for Impossible

39-06-6“Hey guys, I’m world speed shooting champion BJ Norris and I’m out here on the range with Shooting USA to attempt the Impossible Shot of putting 10 rounds, drawing from the holster, on that 18 by 24 inch rectangle.” 

In order for this to be truly impossible, BJ is going to have to pull it off in less than two seconds, with a draw, from a distance of 10 yards.




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