Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge 2020



Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge 2020

It’s the second year of the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge in the hills of Utah, an extraordinary venue for long range riflery, with competitors challenged by both distance and the Utah winds. Plus, first time training for some of the 5 million new gun owners at Royal Range in Nashville. The objective is to get them shooting safely when some have never before fired a personal defense handgun. Then, the Ma Duce is one of History’s Guns. And Julie Golob has a one box practice drill to keep you sharp when ammo is in short supply.


Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge 2020


When shooting in the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge it doesn't take long to realize this match is something special. It's now the second year for this one-of-a-kind event and, even with the challenges of the pandemic, the match continues to grow.




39-13-3There are so many unique aspects to a match like the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge, match directors George Gardner and Bryan Sykes are Masters of that craft. The few events in this match that allow for a shooter to assume a prone position are made more difficult by the target choice. For the majority of the events, that force a competitor into positional shooting, the target may be a bit easier to hit. But nothing in the Hornady Challenge can be considered easy in the Utah foot hills with changing winds to account for, 


Match Information

Hornady Website


History’s Gun: The Browning .50 Cal 

39-13-5With a half-inch in diameter bullet, weighing 750 grains, it is effective at nearly a mile-and-a- quarter in defeating light armored vehicles. And the M2 Browning has been doing that essential work for nearly a century, in the skies, on the ground, and at sea. Updated versions of the Ma Duce are still being produced and are still deployed today. The Browning 50 Cal is now one of History’s Guns



New Shooters Clinic at Royal Range

39-13-7The National Shooting Sports Foundation reports over 15 million Americans have purchased new firearms so far this year and over five million of those were buying a gun for the first time. That has exploded the demand for training classes at ranges across the country. It’s basic training for beginners who have never before even touched a firearm, but they’re gunning-up in a year when personal defense has suddenly become a priority. 

39-13-8Several of these beginning and returning shooters said they felt the need to learn on the range and in the classroom. At Royal Range in Nashville, it’s basic gun operation and how to protect themselves with a firearm and this kind of instruction does help them feel safer and better able to handle whatever threat may come.

Royal Range’s Director of Training, Bob Allen, was a Nashville Police Officer and firearms instructor for 34 years.  Now, he works with everyone from elite SWAT teams to raw beginners, teaching safe firearms handling and responsible self-defense.

Royal Range Website



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Pro Tip: Julie Golob - The 50 Round Drill

39-13-10In a time of limited ammo availability, Smith and Wesson’s Pro Shooter, Julie Golob has a plan on how to use one box of 50 rounds to keep your skills sharp.




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