2020 USPSA Single Stack Nationals



2020 USPSA Single Stack Nationals 

This time it’s 1911’s in competition at the Classic Single Stack Nationals. It’s a throw-back to the origins of action shooting as conceived and taught by the founder, Jeff Cooper. Plus, The British rifle that enforced the empire at the turn of the century. The Martini-Henry is now one of History’s guns. Then the CMP Team Match is bringing friends and family to the range for the challenge of shooting out to 600 yards. And Mark Redl has a drill for you to speed your reloads, if you have the ammo.


USPSA Single Stack Nationals

39-14-4The single stack 1911. It’s a design that has lived over a 100 years and it is the original practical pistol. Traditionally, competition in IPSC and later the USPSA, was created around 1911s in 45 caliber, and today the tradition lives on. While there are now divisions for the more modern, higher capacity guns, the origins of the sport are honored in the Single Stack Division.



39-14-5But now there’s a choice to make in caliber - taking 10 shots to the line per magazine if you choose to shoot 9mm for lesser points in all but A-zone hits. Or the original load, 8 shots of 45 ACP to claim full target points.  

The classic shoot out is set up on 14 stages of fire at the Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama.


USPSA Nationals


History’s Gun: The Martini Henry

39-14-2It was shortly after the Civil War that brought great change in firearms with the innovation of the self-contained cartridge. In America it was the Trapdoor Springfield but for the British, it was a rifle with an Italian sounding name. The Martini Henry was the rifle chosen to enforce the British claims of empire and the Martini Henry is now one of History's Guns.


CMP Team Ranch

39-14-1The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Team match matches two shooters as partners to work as both coach and as shooters. It’s classic service rifle competition out to 600 yards, but the team files just one combined score. The Team Match has proven to be a great way to get new and second-generation competitors out to the line at the CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park Shooting ranges in Talladega, Alabama.  


Civilian Marksmanship Program



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Mark Redl - Reload Multiplier

39-14-3Colt Pro Shooter Mark Redl shows us the classic drill - two rounds, reload, and two rounds. There are a lot of instructors that do that drill at 15 yards and they really push trigger manipulation, He does it at seven yards with a six second par time, that then gets more difficult as the round count goes up but the par time stays at 6 seconds.  Bring some ammo for this practice drill to find your limit.


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