USPSA Race-Gun Nationals



USPSA Race-Gun Nationals 

It’s highspeed pistol competition with open and limited guns at the USPSA Race Gun Nationals. Both divisions show the incredible evolution of John Browning original design for the 1911, to include high capacity magazines with 21 or more cartridges, plus optics and compensators for the Open Division guns. The enhancements add up to the fastest competition times for the competitors at the top of the sport. Plus, a profile of the new Schuemann Z company, continuing the tradition of machining the highest quality pistol barrels. Then, young Bunker Trap shooters are developing Olympic potential after developing their own Bunker Trap range. And, Julie has a Pro tip to help you shoot around cover.


USPSA Race-Gun Nationals 

40-02-1The United States Practical Shooting Association or USPSA is the American version of the International Practical Shooting Confederation or IPSC. The parallels are pretty straightforward. The big one is the word practical.  When you start looking at the open guns with their compensators, their red dot optics, their double stack capacity, and giant mag-wells; the conversation on just what is practical can get pretty colorful. To draw a motor sports analogy, driving an open gun is like driving a Formula One car. So, no matter what you think of the validity of the open guns, they are the fastest in competition. And the best in the country have gathered in central Florida to find out who will be the National Champion at the USPSA’s Race Gun Nationals.

40-02-2The open guns and the limited guns share some key similarities and a few differences comps and red dots. Those are for the open division only, but from there many share that same 2011 double stack frame design. For the limited division you must use .40 Cal to make major power factor and your magazine is limited to 140 millimeters. That means a little more thump in the hand, and only about 20 maybe 21 rounds in a mag. 

Open guns have no minimum caliber. Most are chambered for 38 super or some adaptation, a few can be nine major. Also Open division magazines can be up to 171 millimeters. 

capacities in some cases can be 30 rounds, most will load to 28 for reliability. In some cases, that capacity will eliminate the need for a reload.

There are 22 unique courses of fire in the Nationals, laid out specifically and carefully to challenge shooters of all skill levels running the most capable equipment. 


Information Links:

USPSA National Website

Find Your Local USPSA Club

Schuemann Z

40-02-4The name Schuemann has long been associated with high quality high accuracy 1911 and 2011 barrels. Numerous world champions shoot them and the name is instantly recognized by gunsmiths around the world. In 2020 Schuemann Barrels was acquired by Al Zitta, the designer of the LR300 rifle. Al brings years of gunsmithing and engineering to his mission of keeping the legendary Schuemann name alive and machining the most accurate barrels.

Schuemann Z Website


Bunker Trap

40-02-5The path to Olympic shotgun gold begins on international trap ranges and there aren’t many of those in the USA. But some young shooters, parents, and community supporters, outside Nashville didn’t let that get in their way. Now the Harpeth Scholastic Shooting Complex provides a place to train for world-class trap that can lead to dreams of Olympic glory in the future.

The younger shooters, like in any other sport, are dreaming about the big time, winning international medals, and maybe even Olympic glory! And it turns out it’s not just the youngsters dreaming. Their coaches are thinking the same thing.

40-02-6Training for Junior Shooters typically starts with the American discipline, American trap and American skeet, get the fundamentals down and get them used to seeing the target and being able to track the target. Then moving up to International Trap competition is the next level. of competition with smaller and faster birds moving in more directions.  International is the gateway to future success on the firing line that could lead all the way to the Olympics.

More Info from the Harpeth Scholastic Shooting Complex



Vortex Radian Carbon Fiber Tripod

40-02-7Vortex has the answer to shooters and hunters looking for high end tripods to support their optics, and more often their rifles, the Radian Carbon Tripod and ball head combo. And that is the first advantage that Vortex is passing on to you. This is a combo. Other high-end photography companies will want to sell you the tripod and then sell you the ball head separately. The Radian Carbon has three adjustable leg angles and can get as low as eight inches, or extend all four of the carbon fiber legs and it can be as tall as 67 inches. That's five foot seven before you add your rifle or your optic. This thing is robust, with a 55-pound work rating or 77 pounds if you run it collapsed. The tripod as a rear support is becoming more and more common in Precision Rifle competition, and everyone who needs a way to glass their targets needs a tripod. The Vortex Radian Carbon tripod and ball head combo is just under 1200 bucks.

More Info from Vortex

Hoppe’s Bucket Boss

40-02-8Hoppe’s has a ready to roll kit and it's a great way to organize your cleaning supplies and other accessories you might take to the range. It works great as a standalone roll up kit like that or you can add it to a 5 gallon bucket. It just simply slips inside, and it's supported by this support flap that you would then tighten down using the drawstring. There's plenty of pockets and different places to hold your accessories. And I know what you're thinking I can get a bucket organizer at any of the big box stores. Well there's only one that's coming from a company that's supporting your shooting sports and that's Hoppe’s. The ready to roll kit is 35 bucks.

Hoppe’s Website



Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Shooting around Cover

40-02-9Learning to shoot from cover is not only a skill that is valuable in the shooting sports like USPSA and IDPA, it’s also valuable to learn for personal and home defense. In this pro tip Julie is going to walk you through some steps to help you learn to shoot from around a barrier. 




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