Koenig Precision Rifle Challenge



Koenig Precision Rifle Challenge

For Deer Week, the challenge is for Western hunters shooting long-range steel animal targets in the high country of Utah. The best of Precision Rifle Shooters show up to take on Doug Koenig’s rifle challenge. Plus, the rifle for hunters in the 19th century, sending half-inch lead to take down dangerous game. The .500 Black Powder Express is now one of History’s Guns. Then the number one question in the 21st century - Where’s the Ammo? - We’re inside Hornady Manufacturing to get the answer. And Julie Golob is planning to get you ready for your first Action Pistol Shooting Match.


Koenig Precision Rifle Challenge

40-9-1There is a lot crossover between hunting and the shooting sports, especially when you are talking about Precision Rifle Competition. And there have been matches before that take on the hunting theme. Natural terrain, animal shaped targets, challenging positions all can add to the hunting feel of a match.



40-9-3The destination vacation-like feel of Grand Junction and the Cameo Shooting and Education complex can almost make you forget that there’s a Precision Rifle competition happening, but there are competitors poised to take the top honors, at the first ever Koenig Precision Rifle Challenge. The Koenig Precision Rifle Challenge is the match design by Doug Koenig and Keith Baker. Both are decorated Precision Rifle competitors with Doug claiming multiple titles in the Production Division shooting his Ruger Precision Rifle. With Doug running the match the Production Division will have a new name at the top of the leader board.

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History’s Guns -  The .500 Black Powder Express

40-9-4Modern sportsmen have the benefit of smokeless powder cartridges to power their hunt for big game. But in the days of slow-burning black powder, a round meant for dangerous game had to make up for the lack of velocity with a big charge and a very big bullet. In the late 1800s, one answer was two barrels chambered in .500 Black Powder Express. 


Hornady Ammo

40-9-5Millions of new gun owners and their demand for ammo, plus a threatening political environment, have made it very hard, in some cases impossible, to find ammo for sale. Empty shelves are more the rule. But there are some signs that the situation is starting to improve.

One reason, Hornady Manufacturing has worked through Covid restrictions, added loading presses, and is working 24/7 to make and ship. Steve Hornady says just chill-out. Buy what you need to shoot while they make more.

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Springfield Armory’s New Hellcat

40-9-8The Hellcat is their 9mm micro carry pistol with a high-capacity double stack magazine holding 11 rounds, or 13 in the extended mag. The slide has forward and rear serrations that are functional, but not overdone. This Hellcat has the OSP designation, that’s Optically Sighted Pistol, with a plate that can be removed to bolt on any of the popular slide ride red dots optics. The sights on this one are designed for fast acquisition with a rear U notch and Tritium insert front. The Barrel is three inches, with a loaded chamber indicator. Overall length is six inches, width is one inch. The Springfield Armory Hellcat options start at $569. 

More information from Springfield 

SureFire XSC For the Hellcat, Sig P365, or Glock 43X/48

40-9-9Surefire has released weapon lights specifically fitted to equip three popular micro carry pistols. Order by your gun model for an exact fit to the rail of the Hellcat or Sig P365 or Glock 43X / 48.

The XSC is powered by SureFire’s B12 rechargeable power source that you recharge in the dual position charging cradle. You can add more B12 power sources to always have a fully charged light. The XSC is tough, built from aluminum and light weight, less than two ounces. Virtually un-noticeable on the gun. But you’ll have 350 lumens ready to light a threat if you need it. The Surefire XSC is $329 dollars.

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Non-Lethal PepperBall System

40-9-6The PepperBall system is a safe option to protect life while saving life. And if it’s for you, you’ll have the ability to practice with the launchers using the available inert pepper balls. The live pepper balls are red, so you don’t get mixed up. The PAVA powder filled balls create a pepper cloud, so you don’t have to impact your assailant directly. The cloud incapacitates through the eyes, nose, throat, even bare skin, and its powerful. But, PAVA powder is safe, non-oil based, and non-flammable.

40-9-7Both the VKS and TCP Launchers have an effective range of one hundred fifty feet, and the typical pepper cloud is 15 feet. The TCP holds six in the mag, the VKS holds fifteen in the mag. Both are air powered, The TCP by CO2 cartridges and the VKS by the on-board compressed air tank. PepperBall offers discounts for Law Enforcement, First Responders, and even Teachers. The TCP is $399 and the VKS is $1300 hundred, before discounts.

More information from PepperBall  

Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Bianchi Cup Short Course

40-9-10Today’s Pro Tip is all about getting started in the sport of action pistol, the challenges of the Bianchi cup. We’re going to use the action pistol short course, the practical event shot from the 10 and the 15-yard lines. It’s a challenge that’s easy to set up in your own home range.



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