Hornady Zombie Match



Hornady Zombie Match

Hornady’s annual Three Gun Match in Nebraska has become a zombie killing tradition, long after the TV Zombie craze has worn off. It is a match focused on fun far more than winning, with the creative stages of fire attracting hundreds of shooters of all skill levels for a fine time in  weekend of neutralizing the undead. Plus, the 2,000 members of the top teams in the USA High School Clay Target League meet on the trap ranges in Michigan to shoot for the National Titles, with each team officially representing their local High School. It’s the Championship of the best teams from 1,300 High Schools in 32 states. Then, John has your first look at new products for 2021 that were to be seen at the NRA Annual Meeting. And Julie Golob has a Pro Tip on how the target presentation will determine your speed in competition.


Zombies in the Heartland a

40-10-3The history started in 2010 with the first season of the Walking Dead, that became a huge hit on the AMC cable channel. 

The world had suddenly become fascinated with surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Perhaps no one was more fascinated than Steve Hornady, who ordered up batches of Z-Max ammo, designed for killing zombies, and threw Hornady support behind creating a Zombie Hunting 3-gun match, Zombies in the Heartland.


40-10-111 years later, the final season of the Walking Dead is losing audience, and Z-Max ammo has gone away,

But the Zombies in the Heartland Match continues to be a fun and colorful weekend of competition in Grand Island Nebraska as 300 shooters come back for another year of zombie hunting on new stages of fire that are both creative and challenging for killing zombies.


Zombies in the Heartland Website

More information from Hornady

USA Clay Target League

40-10-5Take a look into just about any High School athletic department in the country and you’re likely to find football, basketball and baseball at the core for student athletes. And it wasn’t too terribly long ago, that you’d have been hard pressed to find anything to do with the shooting sports in any school sponsored activity. Well, that has changed. Thanks in part to the USA High School Clay Target League. 

The league started in 2008 with 3 teams and 30 student athletes, In 2021 the League has 27,800 student athletes and 1,308 schools in 32 states

This National Championships competition host nearly 2,000 high school athletes on a line of trap fields that stretches well over half-a-mile. They’ve come from all over the country to the Michigan Trapshooting Association Home grounds for the National Championships of the USA High School Clay Target League.   

Making it to the National Championship is a huge accomplishment for any of these teams. And for the athletes to perform well on the line, they’re going to have to harness some intense focus and concentration. 

More information from USA Clay Target League



S&W M&P 12 

40-10-6S&W has the M&P 12, and for a long gun it isn’t very long at all and that’s the point of the bull pup design 12 gauge fighting shotgun. There is so much more going on in this fighting shotgun than any of the other bull-pup shotguns that might already be out there. First thing first, the 19-inch barrel is 41-40 Chrome-molly Vanadium steel for long life in all conditions. It has rem-choke threads for the chokes you might choose, it comes with cylinder and modified. The overall length is just under 28 inches, and the unloaded weight is a touch over eight pounds. You’ll appreciate that when you start hammering with 12-gauge. The two switchable magazine tubes hold a total of 14 2-inch shells.

Suggested retail is $1,165.

More information from S&W 

Saltwater Arms 

40-10-7This AR Rifle designed specifically to stand up to the harshest of conditions. Saltwater Arms has two versions of their AR Rifle designed with that working life in mind. Everything on this rifle is designed to be corrosion resistant, the upper and lower receivers are Cerakoted. The bolt and carrier are Nickel Boron coated, as is the trigger. All of the small parts are stainless steel. The Barracuda sports an oversized billet charge handle. The second is Black Fin. Both rifles have a 16-inch 416R stainless barrel, and both have stainless steel muzzle brakes. Shooting the Saltwater Arms rifles is uneventful; accuracy is good, and fit, and finish are what you’d expect from rifles that come in at the $1,000 retail mark.

More information from Saltwater Arms

Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Targets Determine Speed

40-10-8It’s a question Julie gets all the time; how do I learn to shoot faster? In this Pro-Tip she explains target difficulty and speed. 




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