The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge



The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge

What happens if you compress the range, the targets and the propellant for a precision rifle match? The answers are provided by Utah Airguns holding the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge. 100 yards of tiny targets for the best rifle shooters to attack with air power. Plus, the celebrity Sporting Clays charity event raising a quarter million dollars to benefit Special Forces personnel and their families.  And the story of the Grease Gun, the inexpensive replacement for the Thompson that is now one of History’s Guns. 


Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge

40-12-1The discipline of precision rifle competition is easily the fastest growing of the shooting-sports. Even so, the events are challenging to host based on the amount of ground the ranges need to operate. With shots to one thousand yards and beyond, it takes a big facility. Well, that’s exactly what we found at the Rocky Mountain Air Gun Challenge. The Garth Killpack Shooting Range isn’t your typical long range precision rifle facility, but it can host the Rocky Mountain Air-Gun Challenge, where propellant, distance and targets are all compressed. 

40-12-3The Bench Rest events are still the origin of precision airgun competition, and there are two of these events at this match that are every bit as exciting, both for big reasons. The first of those exciting events is big in terms of caliber. These are the magnum slug guns. These air rifles recoil. There is a lot of energy getting projectiles this big and heavy moving. With calibers as big as 50. Some of these slugs can be well over 200 grains. And the targets are appropriate for the power of these rifles, with ranges out to 290 yards. Even one with an up angle of almost 20 degrees. 

40-12-2From one event with a big caliber to the event with the biggest money on the line, the 100 yard pro bench rest final with $21,000 to be paid to the top precision shooter.

The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge is action and excitement without a single grain of smokeless powder. 



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Utah Airguns

History’s Guns

40-12-8In the 1930’s as Hitler was taking power in Germany, and the buildup of the German Wermach was underway, the Army side arm was still the 9mm Luger. It was time for a more modern solution. It came from Walther, as one of the most significant pistols of the 20th century. The P-38 is now one of History’s Guns.


Tim Montana Charity Shotgun Shoot

40-12-4The shooting sports community has a history of supporting our veterans and veteran causes.  There are charity shoots and matches happening across the country that do that. And in Nashville, there is an event that is growing faster than anyone saw coming. Country Music Star Tim Montana is the man behind the American Thread Shot Gun shoot. It’s a packed house at the Nashville Gun Club. The clays are flying and breaking on the sporting clays course alongside the rolling Cumberland River. This is the Tim Montana and Friends American Thread Charity Shotgun Shoot. And this year, the event is more than double the entries of the first year. The participation netted a quarter of a million dollars to benefit Children of Fallen Patriots and Special Ops Excursions, the two charities being supported by a day of breaking claybirds.

More information on the American Thread Shoot



RAW Air Rifle

40-12-11The Rapid Air Weapons HM 1000-X precision air rifle. And there is alot going on here but the first thing to point out, this is an American made precision air rifle. It’s in .22 caliber and it is equally happy running diabolo pellets as it is running hybrid slugs. The barrel is carbon fiber tensioned, the suppressor is functional and because this is an air rifle, does not require a tax stamp. The RAW HM 1000 X is a PCP that’s Pre-Charged Pneumatic. The onboard air tank has a volume of 480 CCs and the regulator is fully adjustable. That’s important because there are caliber options in this platform from 22 up to 35 and the larger projectile will require more air from the regulator. The HM 1000-X starts at $2,000 before options

More information from Utah Airguns

Athlon Chronus BTR 

40-12-11The optic is from Athlon, this is the Chronus BTR Gen 2 4.5 to 29 by 54, it has tenth of mill adjustments and the reason it’s the choice is that you can dial parallax all the way down to 25 yards. Suggested Retail is $1,900

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Gray Ops Arca Swiss Rail

40-12-10One add-on piece that expands the modularity of this rifle is this extended Arca Swiss rail from Grey Ops Precision. This allows for a more forward mount for your Bi-Pod or a position to mount their Mini Plate Pro, and AG Pad. Plus, the extended rail protects your onboard air tank when you're moving into position with the rifle. The Grey Ops Arca Swiss rail for the RAW 1000 is $145.

More information from Gray Ops

Armageddon Gear Air Tank Bag

40-12-9Armageddon Gear means two things: One, its fully American made from American sourced materials. And, Two, the engineering and design is superb for the purpose. There’s padding where you need it, and there is plenty of auxiliary storage for all of the small parts and accessories you need at the range. Like any top of the line competition gear, all of this precision and engineering comes at a cost. The Armageddon Gear Tank Bag is $260.

More information from Armageddon Gear

Pro Tip: Julie Golob Non-Moving Mover

40-12-7Moving targets are one of the most challenging targets for any shooter, and especially at the NRA Bianchi Cup, where the moving target often determines who wins the match. But Julie has a drill, an action pistol short course non-moving target event, that will help you get ready to shoot this event.



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