USPSA Carry Optics - PCC Nationals



USPSA Carry Optics - PCC Nationals

They are the two newest and most popular divisions of United States Practical Shooting Association competition. Carry Optics allows red dot slide-ride optics on 9mm pistols, and Pistol Caliber Carbine is competition with rifles chambered in calibers that can be used on pistol bays and targets. John Scoutten covers the action in the race for the Championship Titles on the ranges at Talladega Marksmanship Park.  Plus, the rarest of historic flintlock double rifles suitable for museum display.  But Dr. Lewis Drake intends to shoot them in a power test of the big game guns from the 1700s. And James Jean comes up with another Impossible Shot to let us know “That’s how you do it.”


USPSA Carry Optics -  PCC Nationals

40-14-2The Carry Optics Division is easily the most popular of the eight USPSA divisions based simply on the number of competitors entered for the nationals. More than 280 shooters from around the country are in Talladega. And, with another 145 in attendance to shoot their pistol caliber rifles, the action shooting ranges are full. Co-Match Director, Shannon Smith is tasked with balancing the courses of fire for the two divisions. 


40-14-1”When you have the two divisions together, a lot more thought goes into it. We have had a single standalone PCC before and that allows you to do things that you wouldn’t otherwise do at a normal USPSA match. So, I think we’ve got enough here that challenges both platforms, especially positions with the rifle. You don’t have to shoot 60 yards to make it hard. You can put them in tough positions, who can get around the wall, get a corner. With a rifle the best are going to be quicker on that stage.” Shannon says he’s pleased with how it came out.


40-14-3The chase for the Carry Optics and PCC National Championships evolves over the three days of competition and, as it comes down to the wire, the stage involving a 25-pound ammo can as a required prop now becomes the challenge. Stage 18 will be the final test for the PCC National Championship. A lot of buildup and speculation has swirled around the unorthodox test. Just what Co-Match director Shannon Smith had in mind.

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Drake Double Rifles

40-14-4In the days before smokeless powder, A black-powder hunting rifle required a big charge and heavy bullet to achieve real knock-down power. And for a big game hunter in the early 18-hundreds, there was only one thing better than a English big-bore hunting rifle; that was an English big-bore hunting rifle with two barrels. Our expert Lewis Drake certainly knows England’s great double rifles, and he’s ready show us the history.


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 M&P M2.0 10 Millimeter

40-14-9There is big news from Smith and Wesson in the M&P line. This is the pistol everyone has been waiting for; this is the new M&P M2.0 10 millimeter. And in the initial launch there are two versions. A four inch and a 4.6 inch. Both have 15-plus-one capacity, and all of the M&P touches are here, like the forward cocking serrations, the loaded chamber window, the aggressive grip texture and the interchangeable back straps. This one is optics ready and has the appropriate height white dot factory sights. The M&P M2.0 10 Millimeter is $665. And the Vortex Razor red dot is $250.

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Impossible Shot - James Jean on a Bender 

40-14-8Exhibition archer James Jean has made a name for himself hitting his own hand thrown targets, and those shots are truly impressive, but he also is able to bend his arrows around obstacles, you have to see it to believe it, in his latest Impossible Shot.







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