USPSA  Race Gun Nationals



USPSA Race Gun Nationals

It’s the fastest of the run-and-gun handgun championship competitions. The Race Gun Nationals brings in the fastest of the top shooters in the Open Division, with all enhancements allowed, from high-cap magazines to compensators, and red-dot optics, drawn from skeletonized holsters to be very quick on target. 

Plus, the Limited Division, limited to high-capacity magazines, but without compensators or optics. 

Then Colt’s first attempt to build a modern double-action revolver.  The Model of 1878 is now one of History’s Guns.

Then a profile the all-girls St. Mary’s Trap Team, starting with beginners, but learning well enough to take top honors with the support of their coaches and parents. 

And James Jean is going for a long shot in the wind that can be described as Impossible.


USPSA Race Gun Nationals

40-15-1The USPSA Race Gun Nationals is the final event for the 2021 season of National Championships. The CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park is the host venue, and the table is set for the first ever three-peat in the modern era of Open Division competition. Christian Sailer is the man in the driver’s seat. But JJ Racaza is looking to play the role of spoiler carrying momentum from his historic win in the Carry Optics Nationals. 

Then the Limited Division, with a roster so deep it’s literally anyone’s match. Once again, we’re at the action shooting bays of the CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park where they have built 18 unique and challenging courses of fire that will test the skills of more than 400 competitors in search of National Titles. 

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History’s Guns - Colt Double Action Model 1878

40-15-3The Colt Single Action Army of 1873. And it was a huge success for Colt as the US Army’s side arm and arguably the gun that won the western frontier. But the future was the Double Action Revolver and Colt wanted that business. The model of 1878 was their first attempt, that’s now one of History’s Guns.



High School Trap

40-15-5One of a kind! That’s how you can describe the trapshooting team at St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s the only all-girls high school in the entire country with an all-girls trap team. And St. Mary’s shooters aren’t just winning matches, they are starting on what can be a lifelong journey.

There are close to a thousand high school trap teams Nationwide, but just one is ladies only. That’s according to the Scholastic Clay Target Program, the organization that manages youth trapshooting in all 50 states. Plenty of schools have co-ed teams, with both boys and girls on the line. At St. Mary’s, though, it’s an all-girls game from first shot to last.

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Surefire Light Tools

40-15-12Surefire X300 is the choice with 1,000 lumens to spill light in a bounce off the floor if you’re at low ready, or off the ceiling in a muzzle-up carry. You shouldn’t be muzzle waving everything while searching in the dark. That makes high power important for a weapon light.

Surefire X300 Series of Weapon Lights  


40-15-9Now, for everyday carry, the solution is not a weapon light, but one of the Surefire Stiletto lights. Aptly named because they’re in the configuration of a knife with a belt clip. Rechargeable sealed lithium battery. Multiple settings with up to 1,000 lumens to light up the night and blind an attacker. 

Surefire has taken us a long way from the 1980s with lighting solutions that are now the number one reliable choice of Police and Military units world-wide. 


Stiletto Pro

Smith & Wesson - New CSX

40-15-8The CSX is different in a number of ways. It’s got capacity, 12 plus one. Its single action, hammer fired, with no grip safety. You get two interchangeable back-straps. It’s ambidextrous for the slide catch and the thumb safety. The magazine release is set up for right hander’s but can be swapped for you south paws. The absence of a grip safety means you get a trigger safety. The big news with the CSX, it’s an aluminum alloy frame, that element alone completely changes the feel of the CSX in hand, and the weight comparison between this and the Shield Plus is negligible. 

The barrel length is 3.1 inches, the overall length is 6.1 inches, and the CSX is just over one inch wide. Attention has been paid to potential snag points, all of the corners have rounded, all of these elements add up to a very comfortable carry piece. Suggested Retail for the Smith and Wesson CSX is $609.

More on the CSX from Smith & Wesson

Impossible Shot - James Jean 104.3 The Wind

40-15-7What does it take for an exhibition archer to amaze us, to achieve a shot we call Impossible? We’ll suggest the latest effort from archer James Jean qualifies as Impossible. Shooting More than 100 yards.







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