The AG Cup Championship



The AG Cup Championship 

$75,000 makes the A-G Cup the biggest cash money match in Precision Rifle Competition. It’s an elimination format shot over three days of challenging competition on stages of fire created at K and M Precision’s ranges in West Tennessee. Match organizer Tom Fuller joins John Scoutten to narrate the action and the award of the cash in extended coverage of the match. Plus, the first look at some of the new products introduced at the dealers-only SHOT Show. And then it’s nothing but .22s competing in the Rimfire Challenge World Championship for rifle and pistol.

AG Cup Championship

40-16-1In its third year of the Armageddon Gear AG Cup has once again proved to be the biggest money match in Precision Rifle Competition. 46 competitors made it to the final weekend where there is another $75-thousand up for grabs.

The 46 are fighting for 10 slots in the one day Championship Match. Another five will go thru to the championship round based on their best overall series performance. 

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The Sponsor Armageddon Gear


SHOT Show Products

 Smith and Wesson

SW Volunteer Rifles_01
 Volunteer Series
New from Smith and Wesson, the Volunteer line of rifles. These newly configured AR style rifles draw their name from the future new home of the Smith and Wesson production facility in East Tennessee. Two versions of the Volunteer rifle were shown, the value based XV and the XV Pro, sporting the upgraded aluminum fore end and charge handle. Price starts just over  $1,000.   More info

SW CSX Micro Compact Pistol
 CSX Micro Compact Pistol
Also, from Smith and Wesson is the CSX Micro Compact pistol. It’s an aluminum alloy frame with and 12 plus one capacity in nine millimeter.  More Info

SW 30 Super Carry
The 30 Super Carry
And then a new chambering for the M and P Shield Plus, the 30 Super Carry, will bump capacity to 15 plus one. The price point is $595. More Info

 Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State JAKYL AR Pistol
JAKYL Piston Driven AR Pistol
From Palmetto, the JAKYL Piston driven AR Pistol, available with or without the folding brace, The Jakyl features a forward charging handle. And is set to be offered in a couple of calibers, 556 and 300 Blackout. MSRP $799 up to $899. More Info.


Hornady CX Bullet Technology
CX Solid Copper Alloy
There is new hunters bullet technology on display at Hornady. The new CX is  solid copper alloy with a heat shield polymer tip, boasting 95 percent bullet weight retention on impact; it’s available in six millimeter up to 375 caliber. Pricing starting at $40.99 per 50 count box. More Info.


Hornady Treklite Lock Box XXL_02_
Trekk Lite Box XXL
At Hornady, the catalogue of Rapid Safes continues to grow. The latest addition is the Trekk Lite Box XXL, with two TSA approved locks, lightweight construction and room for two full size pistols. This is security designed to travel. Price is $53.99. More Info.


Mantis Blackbeard Laser System_02
Blackbeard: the auto-resetting trigger system for AR-15
For Realistic dry fire training on your AR-15. A drop-in Bolt Carrier Group + magazine that works with your existing trigger. Price $219. More Info.


HiViz Light Pipe
H3 LightWave
HiViz continues to expand their offerings for fitment in the H3 LightWave line of fiber optic sights as well as the tried and true Light Pipe combinations for shotguns and hand guns. Price $135. More Info.


EOTech EFLX Optic_02
EO-Tech E-Flex
The newest in red dot optics, EO-Tech is showing their newest design, the E-Flex. Aluminum construction, designed on the Delta Point footprint, the E-Flex has two dot sizes available, three or six MOA. With eight brightness settings and the run time on a single CR 2023 battery is 20 thousand hours, MSRP $389. More Info.

 Champion Targets

Champion Freedom Bird
FreedomBird Thrower
Champion Targets wants to know how fast you can hit flying clay-birds. Their new FreedomBird Thrower challenge you. With a sub-one-second cycle time you’ll need to be quick on the trigger. The thrower is compatible with standard and midi size clays, and the new cart design carries your battery onboard. MSRP $999.99. More Info.

Gear Head Works

Gear Head Works John Wick's Car

Tail Hook Pistol Brace
New from Gear Head Works, the makers of the Tail Hook pistol brace, showing a 69 Mustang Mach One, made famous in the movie John Wick II. This one was a crash car from the movie, but the plan is for a restoration.  More Info.


Colt Python 3 inch

Colt Python
Colt has released the Python 3 inch, chambered, of course, in 357 Magnum. Price $1,499.  More Info.

Rimfire Challenge World Championship

40-16-3The Rimfire Challenge World Championship is shot with rifles and pistols chambered in .22 Long Rifle. The time is the score on five to seven steel targets of varying size, and distance. Rimfire Challenge matches draw top shooters and folks who just enjoy the inexpensive sport of ringing steel. It’s a brisk and foggy morning in Oakridge Tennessee where the sound of steel is ringing in the first shots of the Rimfire Challenge World Championship.  

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