USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals



USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals

41-03-1After a one-year hiatus, the United States Practical Shooting Association’s Multi-Gun Nationals is back in action in a new South Carolina venue. The location is the Clinton House Plantation’s shooting bays and two-thousand-acre hunting preserve. The most demanding competition in terms of equipment has to be Multi-Gun. Pistol, rifle, and shotgun; three platforms, three calibers, all have to run, because malfunctions are not competitive. Equally as demanding is the physical aspect of the sport. To find room to test all three of these platforms, typically means competitors are going to have to do a significant amount of running. It’s all part of the challenge at the USPSA’s Multi-Gun Nationals.

41-03-2Of all the divisions at this USPSA Nationals, the two most populated are the Tac-Optics and the Open Divisions. While there are differences in equipment in all three platforms, the big one is that the Open Division rifles are allowed support devices, bi-pods, tri pods and support bags; like we see in PRS competition. On the long shots this gear makes a big difference. Add in some natural terrain and run-and-gun takes on a whole different meaning. When compared to any of the other disciplines of USPSA competition, Multi-Gun courses of fire are the most physically demanding.

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History’s Guns - Coach Gun

41-03-5Riding shotgun. It’s a term we all know. And for a lot of us, it harkens back to the dusty trails of the old west, when the Overland Stage was protected by the man riding next to the driver, armed and ready for ambush with his scatter-gun. But by then, the idea of riding shotgun wasn’t new. In fact, for 150 years, coachmen traveling the lawless highways of Europe had already proven the effectiveness of a short-barreled gun with buckshot and ball. The Early Coach Gun is now one of History’s Guns.  


NWTF Convention And Show

The National Wild Turkey Federation’s convention and sport show is the turkey hunting community’s annual big event. Each year, more than 50 thousand hunters, friends, and family come to Nashville to see what’s new and to get ready for spring hunting season after a long winter.

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The News in Turkey Hunting
New Products Seen on the Show

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 Browning Cynergy Ultimate

 Charles Daly



 CVA Scout 10

 CZ USA Reaper Magnum



 Mossburg 940 Pro Turkey

 Savage Arms 410



 Tri Star Bristol

 Tri Star Viper G2



 Winchester SX4





Girsan MCP-35 Review

41-03-Girsan-1EAA intends to make the high power platform more attainable at least from a financial standpoint, with the MCP-35 in 9mm. Manufactured in Turkey and imported by EAA, The Upper and lower are 4140 steel and Cerakoted. The overall length is just over seven-and-three-quarter-inches. The barrel is just over four-and-a-half-inches. The magazine capacity is 15. Unloaded weight is just over two pounds. The rear sight is fixed, and both rear and front have white highlights. The trigger is smooth faced with a  long fulcrum pull, that will likely improve with use. There is an ambidextrous thumb safety and a magazine safety. Shooting the Girsan MCP35 is a straightforward affair. The two pounds of Turkish steel mitigate the felt recoil nicely, and accuracy is better than expected. There is a lot to like about a High Power clone that doesn’t break the bank, The Girsan. MCP 35 is just over $550.

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SofHold Gun Magnet Mount

41-03-Sofhold-2SofHold gun mounts. They are instant ready gun mounts, with a rare earth magnet inside the nicely finished leather cover. Simple to use if you want a quick access gun inside your gun safe. stick the SofHold on the door, and the SofHold will hold your choice of autoloader any way you want with the magnet attracting the steel slide. If you want a mount on anything that’s not steel, like a desk, or your workbench, or the console of your vehicle; you screw the SofHold on with the included screws. The regular price is $45 each. 

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.Colt Pro Tip - Mark Redl Shooting from Seated

41-03-8In competition or just in daily concealed carry, you’re going to get the challenge of drawing and shooting while sitting down. IDPA match directors love a sitting start position. But shooting while sitting takes different skills, both in how to maintain accuracy, and how to draw the gun safely. We’ve got Colt Pro Shooter, Mark Redl to show you the fast, accurate, and safe technique.






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