The 2022 Steel Challenge



 The 2022 Steel Challenge

41-04-1Stand and shoot five steel targets with the best four times as your score. The World Speed Shooting Challenge has now expanded to include divisions for Centerfire Handguns, Pistol Caliber Carbines, and both Handguns and Rifles chambered in .22 caliber rimfire . The purest form of gun racing this year will result in new world records on the well-known stages of fire. Plus, the Artillery Luger that is now one of History’s Guns. And then we’re inside SureFire to find out how they build the most reliable lighting instruments for Law Enforcement, Military, and civilian users who need to positively identify targets.

2022 Steel Challenge

41-04-3The biggest match of the year for steel shooting is the World Speed Shooting Championship, better known as the Steel Challenge. The eight well known courses of fire stand ready to separate the fast from the faster, on the CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park action shooting bays. The unmistakable sound of a solid five shot string in steel shooting is almost like music to the ear. The design of this shooting sport is simple genius. Shoot five steel targets, do it five times, and keep your best four string times as your score. That’s simple, and the genius is that even those who have never seen steel shooting before instantly know the difference between a good run and a throw away. The throw away string can make or break an entire match. Because there is a steep penalty for a miss in steel shooting, with three seconds added to the string time for a miss. 

41-04-2Many of the shooting sports have taken steps to be more accessible for people adapting to physical challenges, well this year at the Steel Challenge, adaptive shooting is about to go to a whole new level. So, if you’ve ever hesitated to participate in any shooting sport, because you may doubt your skill level, or ability to compete, let us introduce you to an inspiration in the shooting box at the Steel Challenge. Bubba Stephenson was born without arms, so he’s the competitor shooting with his feet to operate and guide his gun. He’s the inspiration that, if Bubba can shoot steel, there’s no question you can, too.

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History’s Guns - Artillery Luger

41-04-5The German Luger is one of the most recognizable handguns ever produced, but there is a version of the Luger that you may not be familiar with, one that is optimistically sighted out to 800 meters. The Artillery Luger is now one of History’s Guns.




Civil War Gunsmith

41-04-7The Civil War was a time of great change in the firearms world. Union and Confederate soldiers fired everything from muzzleloading muskets to lever-action repeaters. And those that survived today are now highly collectable. But only if they still function. Keeping them running is the work of one skilled Tennessee craftsman. JT Leathers diagnoses the problems and makes the repairs.  

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Inside SureFire 

41-04-9When you think of high-power illumination tools, you undoubtedly think of SureFire. For more than 40 years they have defined the cutting edge in tactical flashlight technology.

John takes us inside the SureFire headquarters to learn more about the innovation that goes into every SureFire product and the testing to ensure each SureFire performs when required, no matter the conditions.

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.Colt Pro Tip - Table Starts

41-04-10It’s a competition challenge you will surely encounter, starting your run with an empty gun. Colt Shooter Justine Williams shows you how to be fast in loading at the start.







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