FASTER Saves Lives



FASTER Saves Lives

The FASTER program is intensive training for School Teachers and Staff that qualifies them to carry concealed in schools.  It’s time for an update on FASTER that has now trained more than 3,000 Teachers and Administrators who are now carrying in nearly 300 school districts across the country. Plus, the M249 SAW is one-man firepower in each Army squad and is now one of History’s Guns. Then, Fast Flints. The story of the precision gun makers who knew how to speed ignition in the age of Flintlocks.


FASTER Saves Lives

41-05-2Faster Saves Lives. It’s the intensive training program for Teachers and School Staff that qualifies the real first responders to carry and defend students in their schools. Faster was developed in Ohio and is funded by the Buckeye Firearms Foundation, but in the 10 years since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, the program has trained over 3,000 staff members working in 300 school districts across 18 states. The weekend certification course goes way beyond a typical concealed carry class, with instructors teaching with the intensity of bootcamp.


41-05-3The Faster Saves Lives program was originally developed by the Tactical Defense Institute, APEX Training, and the Grossman Academy, all organizations that train elite Law Enforcement in their response once they arrive on the scene of an active shooting. But, the Faster Program gives schools the opportunity to save lives before the professionals arrive, when motivated teachers and staff are the real first responders at the scene. 

Non-commercial Digital Copies of the Shooting USA FASTER story are available to school administrators for presentation to School Boards and the Public.

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History’s Guns - M249 Saw

41-05-8Since the introduction the machine gun in warfare, Militaries around the world have strived for a balance between belt-fed firepower and lightweight mobility for their fighting men on the battlefield. For the United States, the answer was the M-249 SAW that is now one of History’s Guns.



Fast Flints

41-05-6The flintlock. It seems primitive to us now, but It’s arguably the most successful small arms ignition system in history, setting off charges for well over 200 years. And even though its basic layout changed very little in all that time, a lot more went into perfecting the flintlock than you might imagine. 



41-05-7In the age of flint, every great lock maker strived to overcome the flintlock’s shortcoming; lag-time. The delay between the trigger pull and the detonation of the charge. A delay that could mean the difference between hitting or missing a target. The goal was to make the fastest locks, and that meant finding ways to shave the timing down by milliseconds. 

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New Evolution Research and Design Holsters

41-05-10New holsters are out from Next Evolution Research and Design, AKA NERD Holsters, and these are for two of the newest Smith and Wesson carry guns. First the CSX, just released this year, and that means there aren’t many specific fitment holsters for this new gun. NERD has applied their design process and the result, is the SLICC, an ultra-fast, comfortable inside the waistband setup. The second one is also from NERD, for the wildly popular M&P Shield 9 EZ.  Again, custom fitment means the gun fits perfectly, and that translates into a comfortable all-day concealment holster. The NERD SLICC Holsters for the newest Smith and Wesson carry guns start about $55. 

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Primary Arms SLX

41-05-11Primary Arms provides the newest upgrade to my Lead Star LWR, nine-millimeter, PCC. It’s The SLX One-X Prism illuminated optic. The first thing you’re going to notice, it’s small, and light weight, just 7.9 ounces. The eye relief is generous, anywhere between two inches and seven inches and you’re going to get a clear view of the etched reticule, that has 13 illumination settings, including three that are suitable for Night Vision. The Primary Arms SLX one-one X Prism is $210.

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.Colt Pro Tip - Reloading Racing

41-05-12In USPSA competition, fast reloads can be the key to improving overall stage times. And racing reloads with a friend, or with your sister in the case of the Williams, is a great way to practice.







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