Bianchi Cup 2022


Bianchi Cup 2022

The Green Valley ranges are open in Columbia, Missouri and again welcoming international competitors to the challenges of The Plates, The Practical, The Barricades, and The Mover.  Bianchi Cup competition is back to full strength with new faces claiming the titles in the most prestigious handgun tournament of the year. Then, the inspiring story of K-9 Echo, the selection and training of a certified drug dog that came from a tragedy. And your chance to help put K-9 Echo on the beat. Plus, Julie Golob has another Smith & Wesson Pro Tip to improve your success on the range.

Bianchi 2022

41-08-1It’s an event as steeped in tradition as any in the shooting sports. All year long the courses of fire are practiced and re-practiced throughout the world in anticipation of the two-day competition that is the International Action Pistol Championship, better known as the Bianchi Cup. Take the cup at Bianchi and you’re assured a permanent place of honor in the world of competitive shooting. The four events have never varied. The falling plates, The Practical, The Barricades, and the Mover. Together they push a shooter’s degree of control and accuracy to the limit. For more than 40 years, the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club has played host to thousands of competitors who come here over the years to be part of this premier match. With 117 shooters about to head into the two days of competition. Each of those days will see two challenging events play out, two of the historic stages of fire.

Pro Shooter Julie Golob says, “What's unique about this sport is, yes, you have your tried-and-true champions at the top that are always in the hunt. But every now and again, something happens. You assume that the same people are going to be at the top doing great things, and they are. But all of a sudden somebody creeps in and you're like, wait a minute, where did this person come from?”

More information from NRA on Bianchi Cup 

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History’s Guns - Remington Shotguns

41-08-3America’s oldest firearms company has been making shotguns for bird hunters for more than 150 years. Remington has certainly left its mark on American history. But 1906 would be the milestone that would change shotguns forever, with John Browning’s second visit to the company, bringing his design for the first American auto-loader. It would become one of the famous Remingtons that are now History’s Guns.



K-9 Echo

41-08-4The K9 Echo story starts with a tragedy that effected a young Lawrence County Sherriff’s Deputy to the point that he made a substantial financial investment in a purpose-bred and trained drug interdiction dog, but there are still challenges to getting K9 Echo on the streets and finding drugs.

There is a way you can help, the Aftermath K9 grant contest is decided by popular vote. At Aftermath web page and their Facebook page, there is a place that you can vote for K9 Echo. 

Where to Vote for K9 Echo: 

Aftermath:  Website  

Facebook Page  

More information on training from Adventure Retrievers  



Lead Star Arms Grunt

41-08-5-LeadStarThe Grunt is chambered in .223 wylde, so right off the bat, you know this thing is equally happy shooting 5.56 or .223. The 4150 16-inch steel barrel has one-in-eight rifling and the standard half by 28 muzzle threads which, in this case happen to be securing a Lead Star Enhanced Muzzle device that they call the Ravage. All of it is under the 17-inch hand guard machined from aluminum that can be anodized in a number of different colors. In this case it’s burnt bronze. There’s QD cups front and rear on both sides. There’s Pic Rail front and rear, and there’s M-lock slots at 12, three, six, and nine o’clock along the length of the hand guard. The Burnt Bronze continues onto the upper and lower receiver set, that’s built from 70/75 T6 aluminum, and all of it is made in America. 

The trigger is from Hyperfire, the charge handle is branded Lead Star and has an oversized locking latch. The pistol grip is also Lead Star and has a grippy yet comfortable over molded material. The six-position adjustable stock is also branded Lead Star and has a total of four QD cups to work with whatever sling configuration you like best. Accuracy and reliability are top of mind at Lead Star and the Grunt delivers on both. The Lead Star Arms Grunt is just $900. 

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.Pro Tip - S&W Julie Golob - on Shooting from Barricades

41-08-6Shooting around barricades is a very useful skill, whether you are competing in USPSA or IDPA. There is an entire event for it at Bianchi Cup. And learning how to shoot a pistol from around a barricade is a skill for home and self-defense.









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