The Rocky Mountain Air-Gun Challenge


The RM Air-Gun Challenge
The targets get smaller, the range gets shorter, and the power behind each shot is air. It’s the Rocky Mountain Air-Gun Challenge once again bringing top rifle shooters to a quieter range for competition. Then, the German response to the superior firepower of the M-1 Garand. The Gewehr 43 is now one of History’s Guns. Plus, an update on Hornady Critical Duty Ammo now that the FBI has selected it for carry across the force. And Julie Golob has another Smith & Wesson Pro Tip on using video to improve your shooting.


RMAC 2022

41-09-1Practical Air-Gun competition has a well-established community that spans the globe, and only recently are competitors from other shooting disciplines, the powder burners, beginning to take notice primarily due to the continued growth and success of the Rocky Mountain Air-Gun Challenge. 

This multi-day event with several different matches of different descriptions all have one thing in common, every projectile sent down range goes there by compressed air. This year the news from the RMAC is more than $100,000 in cash is up for grabs. So, we’re headed to Provo Utah for the story. 

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History’s Guns - Gewehr 43
When the legendary M1 Garand served as the US standard issue rifle in WWII the  impact on the battlefield was undeniable. And the effectiveness of the Garand was not lost on the German Military, armed with bolt action Mausers that dated back to the first world war. For Nazi Germany the pressure was on to develop a semi-automatic battle rifle that could match the repeating firepower of the M1. The result was The Gewehr 43 that is now one of History’s Guns.


Hornady Critical Defense
In the vast catalogue of handgun ammunition offered by Hornady there are two product lines that carry the designation critical, Critical Defense and Critical Duty. Released into the market some eight years ago, there is a specific design and purpose for each.

The Critical Defense load is a soft core, pure lead, thin jacketed, light weight bullet, meant for personal defense. They’re designed to give optimally, 11 - 12 inches of penetration. 

More information from Hornady on Critical Defense

Hornady Critical Duty
Critical Duty for Law Enforcement has a different criteria set up by the FBI. The Duty Bullet design was developed over six years, and found everything that didn’t work, until finding performance success. 

Dave Emary, Hornady’s Ballistic Scientist says, “The FBI has told us that this has set a whole new standard for performance through their protocol test. Which is the heavy clothing, the car door, car windshield, sheetrock wall and ĺ inch plywood.”

As a result, the FBI has adopted Critical Duty for force-wide issue.

More information from Hornady on Critical Duty


Products: Armageddon Gear Bench Rest Bag
The Armageddon Gear Bench Rest bag is a simple and practical way to make an ultra-precise bench-rested shot with any rifle and reduce felt recoil. There is internal webbing that binds the valley of the bag and that’s the genius in this design, when the rifle is laid in the valley here and the bag is on a table, it naturally pinches along the forend. And depending on what fill material you’ve chosen, that will greatly reduce the felt recoil from your rifle. Prices start about 150 bucks

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.Pro Tip - S&W Julie Golob - on Home Video Training

41-09-8Nothing much happens these days that doesn’t get recorded in video. But Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter, Julie Golob, has some different ideas for video on how you can use your own video to improve your shooting technique.








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