USPSA Carry Optics Nationals


USPSA Carry Optics Nationals
The Carry Optics Division recognizes the popularity of Red Dot Sights on 9mm pistols and sets up a championship competition with the guns that are now common for concealed carry. Plus, The Civilian Marksmanship Program remembers and honors the rifles from the beaches of Normandy with the D-Day match on the ranges at Talladega. And Julie Golob has another Smith & Wesson Pro Tip to improve your success on the range.


Carry Optics Nationals
41-10-1There are eight divisions of USPSA competition, and of the eight, the most popular in terms of participation is also one of the newest. It’s the Carry Optics Division and this year marks the seventh year of a National Championship for the division; it’s a stand-alone single division championship and it is sold out to capacity. The club house at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park, stands as a monument to our Second Amendment. And the Marksmanship Park is a world class venue of activity promoting firearm safety, marksmanship training and all the shooting sports.


41-10-7The action shooting bays at the CMP Marksmanship Park have once again been crafted into nineteen unique and challenging practical courses of fire. And this time there is only one division competing. It’s one of the newest, and turns out, it is the most popular.

Co-Match Director Jacob Martens said, “The match is sold out with over 400 competitors. I think like 430, but across the country at USPSA clubs, Carry Optics is the number one division. It has almost tripled in size over the last four years since it was introduced.” 

And that means no shortage of talented competitors chasing the Championship Titles.

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CMP The D-Day Matches 2022
June sixth, 1944. D-day that brought the arsenal of democracy ashore on the beaches of Normandy. Each year the Civilian Marksmanship Program honors that day at their Talladega Marksmanship Shooting Park with a match for the firearms of that historic day. In the fifth year of holding the matches in Talladega, they have about 150 competitors shooting all kinds of wood stocked rifles. And a lot of the competitors are also CMP Buyers. So, the competitors are allowed to buy the guns at the match each year. 


41-10-2During the CMPs annual D-Day matches, one match reaches back further in time, honoring the American President who founded the Civilian Marksmanship Program. The Roosevelt Commemorative Match honors Theodore Roosevelt for his creation of the DCM, the Director of Civilian Marksmanship program in 1903, to promote rifle skills for civilians should they be needed in times of war.  The Roosevelt Match is shot at  200 yards, 10 shots prone slow fire, 10 shots rapid fire and then 10 shots standing. All rifles are bolt action common in Roosevelt’s time.

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Hornady CX Bullets
The ballisticians and engineers at Hornady have led from the front in refining ballistic technology since the beginning of the company, and that dedication to always improve never stops. The latest innovation is the CX bullet, a monolithic copper alloy projectile that draws design elements from long range competition. The lead-free monolithic copper alloy projectile is not new, but Hornady’s improvements in design make for major improvements in performance.

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.Pro Tip - S&W Julie Golob - Cold Performance Training

41-10-6Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter, Julie Golob, is setting up a test for her, and for you, on how ready you are to shoot, when you’re not ready. What happens when you suddenly need to go into action?








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