The Gap Grind Precision Rifle Challenge


The Gap Grind Precision Rifle Challenge
It’s the 10th Anniversary of the match that has grown participation in Precision Rifle as the Pros are paired with first time shooters to take on the challenges of Precision Rifle Shooting. 400 Pros and Amateurs are shooting the challenges on the ranges at K and M Precision outside Jackson, TN. Plus, the Adaptive Shooter Summit at the Sig Sauer ranges in New Hampshire is bringing more wounded warriors back into the shooting sports and personal protection.

The Gap Grind
In the beginning, the GA Precision Grind earned its name for the grueling physical demands put on the shooters. Long range precision marksmanship, distance running with time demands, and obstacle course firing positions.  

Following the first two years though, match directors made a radical change to the format creating a partner format designed for all skill levels. The result is the most popular precision rifle match bringing new rifle shooters in to be paired with experienced competitors to work as a team through the competition.

41-11-7The pro-am pairings are half of the equation for the match. The other half is in the course design. Pros and Ams shoot together, but may not shoot stages the same way, or with the same targets. Subtle changes ease the difficulty for amateurs. Finding the right balance is the challenge for stage designers, with different size targets for each skill level. Rifle shots range from 300 yards out to 1,000 on the stages of fire set up at the K&M Precision Training facility in Finger, Tennessee. 

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K&M Precision Rifle Training Shooting Complex  


History’s Guns - The Manton Patent Double-flint

41-11-3Once in a while, In the world of historic firearms, a piece turns up that is so exceedingly rare that no one even knew to look for it. But, Dr. Lewis Drake knew, and because of that the Joseph Manton double flint, serial number Six-Five-Zero-Eight, is now one of History’s Guns. The one-of-one double-double flint muzzleloader is described in reference books, with all of Joseph Manton’s patents illustrated, but no one knew Manton had built the double-flint to demonstrate all his patents on one firearm.


The Adaptive Defensive Shooting Summit

41-11-2There are many benefits to participating in the shooting sports, from stress relief to the sharpening of the perishable marksmanship skills. No matter what discipline you choose, an organized competition will fill that bill. Those same benefits extend those who are dealing with disabilities, as long as they have the confidence and access to participate. That’s where the Adaptive Defensive Shooting Summit comes in, bringing participants in for training and fellowship on the range.

The weekend event is held on the Sig Sauer Academy training ranges in Epping, New Hampshire and brings in Adaptive Shooters from across New England.

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Sig Sauer Academy


S&W Chambers in 30 Super Carry

41-11-11The Shield EZ is the internal hammer fired design that has become so popular for concealed carry and as a great alternative to striker fired offerings that will have heavier recoil springs, that make for a more difficult to manipulate pistol. The EZ is what the name says Easy to use, Easy to carry and Easy to shoot. MSRP $520.

The Shield Plus benefits from the new chambering in additional magazine capacity. Sixteen plus one in a micro compact is as good as it gets when you’re talking capacity. MSRP $549

Information from Smith & Wesson


Hornady Critical Defense in 30 Super Carry


Critical Defense is proven the most effective cartridge in short barreled carry guns.

Information from Hornady




Standard Concealment Holsters

41-11-12Now a couple of options to carry your Shield EZ or Shield Plus. These are from Standard Concealment systems, The Standard IWB and OWB Holster. These are for Smith and Wesson, but they have designs for all of the popular handguns out there, as well as south paw options for the lefties. And gun belts that you can wear with business attire. The executive gun belt looks dressy, but is fully reinforced. Inside the Waist Band patterns start at fifty bucks, Outside the Waist Band designs start at sixty-five, and the executive gun belt is right at sixty.  

Information from Standard Concealment Systems 


Dometic CFX Portable Refrigerator - Freezer

41-11-9The CFX is powered by 120 volts or 12 volts when on the road in the back of your SUV. For us, it is the no-ice solution to taking drinks to the range for competition coverage. And The CFX is smart enough to not run the battery dead when its connected to the truck. This is the 45 Liter model. There are smaller options and of course larger, up to a hundred liters. Prices start around nine hundred dollars.

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.S&W Pro Tip -  Julie on Getting to Prone

41-11-5You likely know from our Bianchi Cup Coverage that most everybody drops into the prone position for longer shots on the Practical stage and the Plates. You’ve seen it, but how do you do it and once you get on the ground, what position should you be in to stabilize your shots? Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter, Julie Golob, has the answers.







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